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Omnicontext™ for Intelligent Workplaces

Munich, Germany, 10 October 2016

Hypersoft Information Systems enhances its cloud services to include new productivity analytics capabilities as part of the Organizational Intelligence offering.

Hypersoft developed state-of-the-art algorithms and visualisation techniques for digital collaboration and workplace habits to make them more intuitive and business-relevant. The updated Omnicontext™ platform integrates such analysis and insight into structures and functions of working teams, entire organizations, or processes. The technology also allows for automatic discovery and analysis of communities and knowledge owners within organizational units (users, departments, offices, countries etc.) and graphical presentation of this information.

This new component of the Omnicontext™ cloud service platform can analyse communication and collaboration, understand relationships in business communities across geographies, divisions, internal and external organizations. The algorithm to identify opinion leaders and influencers has also been improved. The software can visualise the results and produce customised views for management and business executives in operations, sales, or human resources to be used in in employee productivity and efficiency initiatives.

In addition to the management view, Hypersoft Organisational Intelligence makes in-depth personal productivity analytics available to all members of organizations. Such personal analytics increasingly become an important resource for self-improvement, better engagement and motivation.

The new release of productivity analytics is available immediately through the organizational intelligence component of Hypersoft’s cloud analytics platform.

New Focus in Partnership with Microsoft

Munich, Germany, 24 June 2016

Hypersoft Information Systems, a leading provider of productivity metrics and organizational intelligence, continues its successful cooperation with Microsoft and has recently renewed its Gold Partner relationship. Hypersoft’s state-of-the-art technology of productivity analysis will be even deeper integrated with the cloud products of Microsoft. The newest Hypersoft Organizational Intelligence discovers the way the world works to improve the productivity through analysis of personal activities.

Omnicontext™ collects heterogeneous data across multiple devices and large networks, delivering unique insight into work and life habits, time usage, organizational structure and behaviour. The Personal Analytics application of Omnicontext™ helps professionals to understand their personal work patterns and to better manage their work time, so more value can be generated for business.

“Hypersoft cloud services and mobiles apps make companies smarter, - states the managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski referring to the innovations associated with this year’s Microsoft Gold competency in Application Development. - Our corporate clients become more efficient by motivating their members to understand and improve their working style and culture”.

Hypersoft’s cloud analytics technology can seamlessly integrate into enterprise Office 365 usage scenarios, as well as into the full stack of on premise back office applications such as Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint. Since years world leading technology services providers and enterprise customers recognise consistent and reliable analytics and reporting delivered by Hypersoft.

Omnicontext™ for Cloud and Hybrid Customers

Munich, Germany, 22 April 2016

With the release of the latest version of Omnicontext™ the full functionality of service metrics, reporting, and real-time notifications are now available to Office 365 and hybrid customers.

“The big picture of service quality and its mapping to the actual experience by real-life users is still important and becomes even more important as companies migrate from on premise operations to the cloud”, – said Hypersoft managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski at the latest Omnicontext™ presentation.

The important advantage of Omnicontext™ Analytics is the most comprehensive verification of internal and external services quality, which is consistent across all platforms and devices. Furthermore, specific customized views have been created for business customers and for technical operation teams.

Beyond the technology services aspect, the new release of Omnicontext™ includes innovative personal analytics capabilities for individual users of Office 365, so they can understand and improve their productivity and work habits.

The new release produces service metrics on Sharepoint, Skype for Business Online, Exchange Online, and other components of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud offering. The analytics are available to customers through a choice of desktop applications, web browser access, or mobile apps.

New approach to compliance through self-control with Omnicontext™

Puyricard, March 3, 2016

Hypersoft France announced a new portfolio capability in the powerful Omnicontext™ software suite. It is based on the modern approach that views compliance in enterprise working environments as an employee’s own responsibility and not just as control by management.

Self-control becomes easy with Personal Analytics. This is a new technology that analyses all activities and communication of an individual, and provides this person with in-depth insight on own habits and behaviour. Such techniques have now become possible as most work-related activities are directly supported by computer systems, so the details of how people spend their time can be retrieved for analysis.

The self-improvement cycle includes definition of the recommended (compliant) work styles and patterns, constant measurement of daily activity, and individual analytics and conclusions conveniently presented through a mobile app ( Having people reflecting upon their habits and consciously improving themselves dramatically increases acceptance of compliance-relevant guidelines and practices. Furthermore, it makes them more productive and is generally perceived as “modern” and “cool”.

In addition to the self-control with Personal Analytics, aggregated and anonymized data can be used to detect problematic behaviours and patterns in the organization and to take educative action leveraging such insight.

Munich, January 29, 2016

Hypersoft will be presenting the newest release of Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics next week at the HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, UK.
Associated with the prestigious HR Distinction Awards, the Summit event 2016 will discuss and review the hottest industry topics such as employee engagement, driving leadership, strategic HR and business performance.

Hypersoft sees its state-of-the-art productivity and work habits analytics as a new and unique way to use digital technology for changing the way how individuals and organizations can better conduct their work and make themselves more productive.

“We will showcase how Personal Analytics motivates people to think about their habits and working style, and ultimately makes them efficient in whatever they do - said Hypersoft managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski a few days before the Birmingham event. – There is also extremely valuable organizational intelligence to be leveraged by enterprise executives, but most importantly Personal Analytics is something really cool, and this is what makes it attractive for every user. People think they know how they spent their day and who are their most important contacts, but this perception is not true in many cases. When you see facts about yourself and about your actual daily routine at any time in an app on your mobile device, you are taken by surprise, you realize things you never thought of, and you ultimately change the way you work and live. “

The participants of the 14th HR Directors Business Summit will be able to preview the latest developments of Omnicontext™, including the new definition of individual productivity, redesigned mobile apps, notifications, and fully revised benchmarking functions.

Hypersoft’s Personal Analytics is a cloud-based technology for tracking and improving personal productivity, social skills, and collaboration culture. It is available to individual users and to organizations of any size.

From 2 until 4 February 2016 you can discover Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics at the Hypersoft stand N° 94 at the Birmingham International Convention Centre.

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