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Hypersoft Atlanta USA

In a joint presentation with Siemens Business Services on 13 October in Hamburg the technologies to create and maintain worldwide Exchange organisations were explained, with the use of Exchange Analyser as the primary instrument for delivering service level data.

Exchange Analyser and Omnicontext software were presented at the Microsoft Exchange Conferences in Atlanta and in Hamburg.

The conferences demonstrated once again Hypersoft's clear leadership in traffic reporting for Microsoft Exchange networks.

Additionally to the latest released version 2.5 of Exchange Analyser there was a great interest for the preview of the upcoming version 3.0 with all-new ASP report pages. Exchange Analyser will be now reporting not only on the message traffic, but also on global address lists and other Exchange Server status information.

Are you interested in having all the detailed information about your MS Exchange without having to install the software and generate the reports yourself? Then this is some news for you!

July 1999

Hypersoft Information Systems has released a new version of the Exchange Analyser , which contains the following improvements:


  • Several improvements have been made to the Messages and Requests Tracking, now
    complete tracking information is immediately available for analysis.

  • User interface became more friendly, all custom user settings are saved and restored.

  • The automatic processing is no longer affected by foreign mails not designated for Exchange Analyser.

  • The Exchange Analyser is checked for full compatiblity and support with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.

June 1999

 SoftLogic Solutions Inc. of Ridgefield, Connecticut ( will be offering Exchange Analyser as the exclusive partner of Hypersoft to customers in the North-East United States. This will be a major improvement for our US clients, who can now have local support not only from our West Coast office in San Francisco, but also from SoftLogic in Connecticut.

Exchange Analyser Road Show

This week in USA

3 - 5 San Francisco, 6 Florida, 7 Connecticut

For contact: Telephone + 1(415) 835-9496 Telefax +1(415) 954-719

May 1999

The new official name for the groupware and communication technology, in development at Hypersoft since 1996, is an indication that this product is gradually approaching its release later this year.

The Context Explorer module is deployed to organise and display project-related information, which is residing on distributed computers across multiple offices. This information integrates data from such different sources as Windows NT file system, Microsoft Exchange server storage, SQL databases, MS Project databases.

All these sources of information are consolidated in a corporate data repository, whereas multiple views of the project hierarchy and relationships are available.
The new product may be used in any business environment, including such as banks, insurance and industrial companies.

This software is currently in pilot operation at a number of Hypersoft corporate customers. For information on participating the pilot operation of Omnicontext, contact

Austria a new address for the ISEP Software

Hypersoft starts with a more advanced process control project for a world-wide pharmaceutical corporations Novartis. The ISEP software was developed two years ago in cooperation with Advanced Separation Technologies of Lakeland, Florida. The updated version of the software has improved functionality and more remote control possibilities. The last update of the ISEP process control software can be ordered from our US Operations Manager or directly from the Hypersoft offices in Germany.

April 1999

The Munich office of Hypersoft announced the availability of a new customisable software module for distributed corporate data storage. The Smart Update module, which is part of the Omnicontext corporate communication software, allows users at different places to work on the same projects and to share data asynchronously, while always having latest information and data updates. This tool is available for remote and mobile users to automatically get up-to-date copies of all necessary data on their computers. Data is transmitted automatically according to a schedule specified.

12 February

4 March 1999 Hypersoft will take part in the next event of German Progect Management Society where the successful development and implementation of the Management by Project System, built on the basis of Hypersoft’s Open Context software, will be presented.
This deployment is by Schaller Automation - a leading producer of sensors and security systems for large diesel motors.
The author and main developer, Stephan Schaller, will unveil this innovation technology, introducing the modern ideology of business process re-engineering through Management by Project. In addition, Hypersoft will be present to explain the more technical functionality and replication characteristics of the Project Explorer, WorkPlan, Budget and Reminder Application.
March 4th, 1999 in Saarlouis, Lilienthalstrasse 9, UWS GmbH
We hope to see you there!

25 January

From this year forth, Hypersoft is an official Solution Provider of UUnet, which is the world wide third-largest Internet Service Provider. As a partner of UUNet, Hypersoft is able to deliver complete installation of its products including all issues concerning Internet connection, set-up and maintenance. Hypersoft is an Open Context company supplying a wide range of communication solutions, such as groupware and messaging systems on the basis of the latest Internet and Intranet technologies including MS Exchange Server and Active Server components.

20 January

Hypersoft has officially opened its new American location in the heart of downtown San Francisco. To find out more about the US operation, our activities and how we can serve you, please contact our US Operations Manager Mr. Ryan Walker.
Phone 415/835-9496 Fax 415/954-7199
or you can write us...
Hypersoft Information Systems
1700 Montgomery Street
Suite 111
San Francisco, CA 94111

11-15 January

London was the first stop for Hypersoft consultants in the new year. Director of Hypersoft Dr.Serguei Dobrinevski is involved in the teaching of special courses for Exchange Server administrators, organized by Learning Tree International. Since 1974, this educational organisation has worked in the field of information technology and now offers more than 150 courses for technical professionals. The next Learning Tree International course scheduled to be taught by a Hypersoft Exchange specialist is planned for April in London as well.

10 January

The exhibition plan of Hypersoft for this year includes Comdex, the world's most renowned computer show. The decision to attend Comdex, in addtion to the traditional European events Systems and Cebit, corresponds with our strategy to extend the US operations of our company. Hypersoft's team prepares a range of in-place presentations of new communication tools in New-York, Boston and San Francisco in the before-exibition period. Contact us to take part on them.

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