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Hypersoft Releases Backup Capabilities

New Omnicontext applications to safeguarding cloud and on-premise data

Munich, Germany, 25 May 2022

Hypersoft released extended backup and restore functions for Microsoft 365 cloud and other enterprise data.

Established as a trusted technology to collect and integrate large volumes of heterogeneous data, the latest Omnicontext software is now also capable to protect critical data.

Built upon the robust Omnicontext data load and transform capability, this fresh version allows backup of cloud and on-premise data, including the increasingly important collaboration data from such Microsoft 365 applications as Teams, Sharepoint and Exchange Online.

“Companies are thinking more and more on infrastructure resiliency, – reaffirms Hypersoft managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski. - Omnicontext software, by its nature as a powerful data integration platform, can be applied to securing critical data, without the need for a separate dedicated backup application.”

The new backup application can work with all types of data. As a special scenario, Hypersoft targets the backup of cloud applications, which is not part of Microsoft 365 services but is critically important for business users. The backup and restore operations are performed by the same Omnicontext data collection agents, which are already deployed in hundreds of organizations for the purpose of service monitoring and analytics. The backup datasets can be stored at a location of the customer’s choice, on premise or in the cloud, and the backup process can be conveniently and securely managed by the Omnicontext cloud service, even in cases when datasets are locally stored.

Backup with Omnicontext addresses the risks of losing cloud data integrity, while simplifying the operations and maintenance processes and reducing costs. For those customers who already use Omnicontext to monitor Microsoft 365, the new function is included in the license.

The Omnicontext backup module is available immediately from Hypersoft and its authorized partners.

Hypersoft Partners with Forster Informatik GmbH of Switzerland

Munich, Germany, 19 November 2021

Hypersoft Information Systems and Forster Informatik GmbH have entered a partnership with a rich product and services portfolio. The innovative Swiss technology company will use Omnicontext software to deliver state-of-the-art operations monitoring and analytic solutions for enterprise customers.

Precision, reliability, and high performance are hallmarks of Switzerland - the same substantial principles apply to the technology operations measured by Omnicontext.

“We are continuously expanding our engagement with the latest know-how in the IT industry. The new agreement with Hypersoft is in line with our goal to be a technology expert of Swiss quality” – says Hansruedi Forster, head of FIT. Its recent accomplishments, including a Go Global Award 2021 in the category Information Technology from International Trade Council, confirm this strategy.

Forster Informatik GmbH plans, implements and operates the IT processes, infrastructures and applications for enterprise clients and organization. The addition of Omnicontext capabilities will further increase the value delivered to clients.

The main direction of the cooperation with Hypersoft is use of Omnicontext for the monitoring of technology operations. The software can be deployed at companies of all sizes to collect, integrate and analyze a wide range of distributed data sources and to produce a comprehensive overview and detailed understanding of events, activities and structures. For the digital workplace and the very popular today remote work, special productivity analytics offerings are created by Forster Informatik GmbH together with Hypersoft.

“Our goal as technology experts is to serve the clients with optimal performance and quality, - points out Hansruedi Forster,- and Hypersoft is a perfect match to this.Omnicontext data collection, consolidation and reporting to users is fully automated. It can act as middleware or as a cloud solution and process data for use by other applications such as ServiceNow. It can measure Microsoft 365, Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, Google Workplace or other platforms and applications."

Hypersoft CEO Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski states: “Digital transformation requires a change of the mindset, as workplace productivity technology becomes a critical component in operations. To validate and quantify the quality and adoption of such technology, Hypersoft Information Systems and Forster Informatik GmbH combine their expertise and help customers build efficient modern IT infrastructure in these challenging times.”

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