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Munich, Germany, 9 April 2018

Hypersoft released new overhauled monitoring and analytics service for the business customers of Microsoft Office 365.

Omnicontext now includes an improved capability for fully automatic activation of Office365 monitoring and reporting directly through its cloud service portal.

With this new function, new customers of Omnicontext Analytics can configure the collection of end-user experience monitoring and application usage data for their Office 365 tenants, including Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive and other Microsoft cloud productivity applications. All analytics and monitoring are available to users through a web browser or a mobile Omnicontext app.

The automated configuration of monitoring and analytics speeds up the onboarding process and makes it available through easy self-service for existing and new customers of Hypersoft, without manual intervention by support engineers.

“The new release of analytics and monitoring for Office 365 combines the high expectations of consumer-grade easiness of service activation with the enterprise standards of security and scalability, - stated the Managing Director of Hypersoft Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski. - As a monitoring and analytics product of a new generation, Omnicontext will shorten the installation time, reduce the footprint on customer systems, and at the same time increase the quality of reports and real-time status dashboards for businesses using cloud productivity tools. Those tools are expected to fundamentally change the way how people work, and with our Office 365 Analytics Hypersoft shows the true performance of such services for their users and their true impact on the transformation of work habits and culture.”

Omnicontext Analytics for Microsoft Office 365 are available immediately through the Hypersoft web site.

Munich, Germany, 23 March 2018

The leading community of cloud solution experts now presents Hypersoft Omnicontext as a valuable resource in transition to a digital enterprise.

As an active software partner of Cloud28+ Hypersoft has our latest offerings "Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting”, and “Omnicontext Productivity Analytics” presented among the top products and services in this important cloud catalog.

Both Hypersoft Analytics solutions improve operational efficiency in the digital enterprise.

Hypersoft Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting produces service metrics and usage reports on SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Exchange Online, and integrates Office 365 metrics with other business data for enterprise cloud and hybrid customers.

Based on real-time monitoring and reporting, Hypersoft Omnicontext provides detailed insights into individual productivity and ensures that daily activities are aligned with the company goals and focused on producing value for the business.

Another new service listed now on Cloud28+ is Omnicontext Productivity Analytics. This is a modern software platform for automated in-depth analysis of the digital workplace. Productivity Analytics delivers multiple aspects of analysis: work culture, usage of working and free time, productive and unproductive habits, discovery of communities and key opinion leaders.

Being presented in the Cloud28+ community continues the strategy of Hypersoft as a provider of business efficiency and operations analytics.

Hypersoft cloud analytics are available to customers in real-time and as a historic end-user experience through a choice of desktop and server applications, web browser access, or mobile apps.

Initiated by HPE and recently enlarged to more as 60 countries from Europe, Africa, North and Latin America to Asia Pacific, Cloud28Plus Ecosystem unites technology experts as Microsoft, Accenture, and many others, to promote the value of digital cloud.

Munich, Germany, 19 January 2018

Personal Facts and Personal Places are two newest Hypersoft apps that have just been launched exactly at the time of the new year resolutions. They simplify location and smartphone usage tracking.

The new Personal Facts app is for those who are too dependent on their smartphones. All time of using your smartphone is tracked with this app.

The Personal Places app provides a simple and fast way to monitor locations and to share them with family members for security or assistance.

“These new apps are part of our Personal Analytics product line “ – says Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski, the Managing Director of Hypersoft. – They simplify understanding of your own habits and productivity. Even if some of this information is available on the devices, people never have the time and possibility to review every bit of raw data. Personal Analytics help to understand the data and to make them into insight.”

Each of the two apps is dedicated to just one simple metric: location in one case and smartphone usage in the other case. For customers interested in all these aspects combined, the full Personal Analytics application is available to combine information from different sources on the hourly, daily or monthly basis and to integrate the personal feeling about own productivity. User can also setup their own goals and monitor with Personal Analytics how those are achieved daily, weekly or at any individually chosen time.

“We show the data, the customer sees it in the context of own activity, and can think how this knowledge makes daily life more efficient” – remarks Dr. Dobrinevski.

New Hypersoft apps are available immediately on Google Play: