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Hypersoft shares its expertise and know-how of global services optimization with a wide range of industry professionals, service managers and general public.

Berlin, Germany November 9, 2009

In striving for the provision of more reliable and business-oriented metrics for IT service management, Hypersoft presents its state-of-the-art OmniAnalyser™ 2009 and OmniContext metering package at Microsoft TechEd 2009 event in Berlin.

To stand up to its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status and keep up with technology pace of IT services globalization, Hypersoft now confirms that its metering software is fully compliant with the newly released Windows 7 operating system, providing more secure and user-friendly analysis framework while maintaining long-term vision of business metering adaptability to new technologies and platforms used for service provision.

Moreover, to demonstrate its unique technology and how it is can be successfully used for the proactive alignment of IT to business, Hypersoft presents its new demo metering portal with an unrestricted access by any member of the community. The new metering portal is designed to demonstrate that only business-relevant statistics gathering with end-to-end orientation is fully capable of adequate depicturing of the complete history of business processes, maintaining high degree of precision due to its transactional nature, while preserving non-technical side easily comprehendible by the majority of public and IT professionals.

Hypersoft is proud to be the world’s leader of IT service metrics provision for large complex business environments. In its firm notion business processes monitoring, storage and reconstruction for the analysis purposes should always be performed in an autonomous manner, collecting transactional data of services performance across different systems, business levels and operating environments and presenting service managers with an accurate unified picture on all actual business processes, so that more time could be invested in maintaining strategic objectives in clear view.

Hypersoft demonstrates how to accurately and reliably assess quality of global IT services in the right manner.

Munich, Germany October 29, 2009

Hypersoft’s years long experience and know-how in the field of IT service management is finally put in public use. Striking on the importance of the right selection of key performance indicators, metrics collection reliability and trustworthiness as well as full automation of global business processes, the new demo portal is offering business professionals truly unique ways for IT services quality assessments and analysis.

Stressing on business transaction as being the main element of all IT services, Hypersoft’s new portal demonstrates that only business orientation with platform- and technology-agnostic perception is adequate for maintaining strategic objectives in clear sight and successfully fulfilling corporate goals. By using and demonstrating the metrics from the state-of-the-art OmniAnalyser™ 2009 reporting package Hypersoft proves the notion of end-user expectations of IT service quality as being the only reliable and relevant performance index in comparison to low-level technical KPIs.

Specifically selected KPIs are individually aligned to monitored services in each and every case, reinforcing the significance of correct metrics choice right from the start of business process monitoring. Transactional nature of collected statistics ensures metering precision while demonstrating aggregated data in simple to comprehend high-level view. Graphical analysis environment raises business metrics orientation to even higher extent, greatly simplifying corporate forecasting and planning as well as successfully maintaining proactive management policies and sets of best practices.

Available for viewing by IT service managers and corporate officers, industry professionals as well as general public, Hypersoft’s new metering portal raises the bar on IT services analysis and end-to-end alignment of IT to global business processes.

Hypersoft Information Systems is world’s leading provider of IT services metrics for large distributed corporate infrastructures. Its years-long goal is the provision of accurate and trustworthy business processes statistics tools and know-how aimed at proactive realization of corporate goals as well as dynamic adaptation to changing business environment.

New Hypersoft Reporting Leverages on Integration of Windows Mobile Devices and Real-Time Communication Clients into Corporate Services Network

Munich, Germany July 3, 2009

Realizing the importance of sustainable corporate collaboration during rapidly changing technological pace, Hypersoft has moved on to analysis of mobile devices from within globally expanding businesses and dynamically changing IT services. The new Windows Mobile Reporting, as the latest addition to OmniAnalyser™ 2009 Reporting Package, presents business professionals with accurate transactional statistics on Microsoft ActiveSync usage on large diversified scale and in a completely unified manner with existing IT infrastructures and services.

From now on service managers and administrators can reliably assess quality of all mobile ActiveSync devices performance by analyzing errors distribution, as well as making sure corporate security and compliance remains well-run and protected with the general view on mobile clients versions.

Furthermore, supplementary business-oriented reporting instrumentation uncovers hidden statistics on resources usage such as e-mails, calendars, tasks, servers and user searches providing a general picture on user activity and preferences they exhibit regarding mobile devices. Additional statistics on used resource types like different SharePoint documents present a revealing picture on the overall level of corporate collaboration.

To complement on Windows Mobile reporting, Hypersoft has further enhanced its Real-Time Communication Service reports with a move towards completely platform-agnostic statistics processing and data publishing. Metrics on Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Live Communication Server and Office Communication Server is now fully integrated in OmniAnalyser™ 2009, presenting business-relevant view on Real-Time Communication Service and eliminating the need for concentrating on platform-specific analysis aspect of service quality levels and usage. Additional graphical data representation simplifies metrics comprehension allowing managers to rapidly adapt to changing business environment in a proactive manner.

Hypersoft is fully aware of the significance of maintaining optimal levels of corporate collaboration. Only the concentration on business-relevant exposure of servicing landscape, analysis statistics precision and trustworthiness as well as proactive metrics positioning can lead IT service managers to strategically optimize and ensure corporate services portfolios are well designed, managed and run.

Complete Business Orientation and Sustainable Services Monitoring Now Offers Industry Professionals a Revealing Insight into IT Services Performance

Munich, Germany March 4, 2009

Continued improvement of Hypersoft’s flagship product OmniAnalyser™ 2009 opened up new ways for ensuring IT service delivery stays at its top shape. Focusing only on business-relevant aspects of service performance measurements the new OmniAnalyser™ 2009 metrics gathering and processing package now provides reliable statistics for proactive service level management in a completely automated manner across large IT infrastructures and on global level.

Realizing the value of sustainable corporate growth, presently OmniAnalyser™ 2009 is fully capable of grabbing any new data that becomes available as a consequence of business expansion and migration to new technologies, and swiftly integrating it into the existing knowledge base for further dissection, processing and analysis.

Bundled with more than a hundred readily available reports that reflect on most common aspects of IT services performance, OmniAnalyser™ 2009 reporting package has retained its robustness of operation yet now focusing on complete sustainability through statistics reuse and adaptation of new metrics to existing servicing scenarios.

Custom Reports functionality allows creation of reports from the very beginning in a variety of ways that offer true business orientation. This new feature is capable of creating reports from the start, organizing complex processing jobs that preserve transactional nature of metrics while providing high-level view on business processes, or even integrating existing reports with new data sources for the creation of completely different reporting instrumentation.

Service Definition Framework has full capacity for consolidating custom-built reports with the existing service portfolios, defining KPIs, providing additional graphical and dashboard instrumentation as well as limiting metrics to business-relevant areas of service delivery through business units and service hours filtering, providing professionals with quick-glance view of services performance and simplifying management of complex portfolios in an autonomous manner.

Hypersoft’s OmniAnalyser™ 2009 is ideally suited for managing large diversified corporate landscapes. Advanced filtering capabilities, flexible instrumentation, operational reliability, automation of data gathering process and low cost of sustaining and adapting to new processes measurements make it an industry leader in provision of end-to-end business services metrics with a proactive orientation, leaving more time and resources for business professionals to stay focused on fulfilling corporate strategic goals.

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