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Munich, November 25, 2002

Hypersoft Information Systems, a worldwide leading vendor in metric and messaging analysis software for corporate communication systems and data repositories, has released a new version of its OmniAnalyser™ software for MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Sendmail. This includes the interoperability with the new OmniContext™ Reporting Server, an analysis module that enables IT managers as well as marketing and financial controlling specialists to monitor, visualize, and link traditional information assets and metrics along with non-traditional information metrics.

The key to organizing and understanding information assets is in the context where the information is from and what is related to it. But tracing origins, authors, and relationships for many kinds of information assets, today, is often based on interpersonal communication and collaboration. Of course, with today’s messaging platforms such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange it becomes easy to track comprehensive information by reading mail headers, server logs and other information assets. However, neither data is sent only via e-mail nor is it completely retrievable from log files, but gathered from multiple data sources. Thus, this data is partially collected in messaging stores or Domino databases, but also stored in relational databases and other repositories and, therefore, is not directly involved in the communication context.

Instead of developing complex algorithms to recognize patterns and dependencies in complex databases and data volumes, the new OmniContext™ Reporting Server automatically derives these patterns and dependencies from the actual business process and communication. To achieve this, the software gathers numeric data from relational databases, messaging stores, XML and HTML documents, file servers, and tables; it considers links and relationships for documents and objects, collects data about patterns, routes, and subjects of the enterprise communication and business processes. In this way, OmniContext™ can process both quantitative and qualitative information and discovers new business-relevant knowledge.

Communication patterns directly derived from the actual corporate e-mail traffic are extremely valuable. They help to identify personal roles and functions as well as true involvement into business processes. It maps even the complete corporate communication topology. All this information helps to identify key individuals and knowledge owners related to specific projects and their impact on the different business processes.

The results can be viewed in a standard web browser with a large variety of visualization techniques. Among usual tabular and graphical representations, network relationship diagrams are derived for the visualization of communication routes, objects, and document links. The hierarchical presentation of all information allows one to easily get an overall view of the underlying communication infrastructure and their characteristics. Reports automatically can be published on a web server and sent to predefined e-mail recipients.

The software is compatible with the latest versions of MS Windows, MS SQL Server, Lotus Domino and MS Exchange. Other platforms such as iPlanet and Sendmail are supported. OmniContext™ Reporting Server is also available as a professional ASP service from Hypersoft.

Hypersoft will have a new release of its OmniAnalyser software presented to the audience of Microsoft Exchange Conference 2002 in Anaheim, CA. Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ has been the leading product for analysis of complex corporate messaging structures in order to optimize the system, return costs, audit service contracts as well as ensure security control through antivirus and contents statistics. The new version of OmniAnalyser includes automatic reports generation for Active Directory, as well as realtime and historical performance data based on WMI information.

The product supports other messaging platforms and is used by Hypersoft customers to optimize messaging system and build an adequate SLA and billing model during Exchange 2000 migration. OmniAnalyser uses both download and e-mail transport as means to collect data, all data automatically published to the Web interface, which allows to deal with challenges of data collection and presentation in complex distributed installations.

OmniContext™ product will be presented at MEC2002 as well. This is a business intelligence and data mining solution, which allows gathering link and relations data from multiple distributed data sources across the entire company. OmniContext produces reports and graphs that help company managers visualize different business aspects in a comprehensive graphical form, OmniContext also uses communication trends and contents data with its relation to company’s project work and business processes.

One of the additional application areas for OmniContext is the possibility to measure customer SLA based on mail response times. OmniContext is the only solution that provides comprehensive statistics and possibility of realtime alerting, to help companies meet business critical customer service contracts.

Hypersoft staff will be glad to discuss your company’s requirements in the professional messaging analysis data at Hypersoft booth 385. To contact Hypersoft and schedule a personal visit time, please write to or call your local Hypersoft representative.

Munich, Germany 10 September, 2002

With its new multi agent technology, Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ now introduces another milestone for perfect messaging analysis. After parts of OmniAnalyser™ has been architecturally redesigned, the new release allows for gathering messaging data from multiple servers simultaneously. However, the multi agent software does not need to be installed on each server under observation. It merely operates from a single Windows machine. 

Most reports now cover data visualisation by organisational unit (OU), by mailbox, and by level. The latter denominates a part of an MS Exchange address. 
Consequently following the plan to offer highly integrated and web based components, OmniAnalyser™ today can be almost completely configured and managed using a standard Web browser console.

Customers already viewing OmniAnalyser™ reports on SQL level will now have the possibility to also view OmniAnalyser™ Roles. A new page was added to show all users currently using the software’s database and to show public folder hierarchy information. 
The added server resources utilisation report tracks events such as low CPU capacity, memory, and disk space in real time. This information is shown in OmniAnalyser’s™ standard reports.

Munich, 3 September 2002

On September 4th, 2002, the “Exchange Messaging Day” will be held in Zurich Technology Park, Switzerland, organized by Amrein Engineering AG.

Amrein Engineering, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner located in Aarau, Switzerland, is an important provider of messaging-related IT services worldwide.

Booked out several days in advance, the goal of the Exchange Messaging Day is to provide first-hand information about hot messaging topics for IT managers. Messaging experts of market leading companies, including Microsoft, Sybari, and other well-known providers of messaging software and IT services will demonstrate and explain tried and tested solutions for planning and implementing messaging solutions.

Hypersoft Information System’s OmniAnalyser™, as the most reliable instrument capable of delivering full metrics on all messaging traffic, server availability and information store contents statistics in MS Exchange organisations, will be one of the messaging solutions presented at the Exchange Messaging Day exhibition.

Apart from that, a workshop on monitoring and reporting of messaging systems in environments of any size and complexity using OmniAnalyser™ is included in the event agenda.

Other offered workshops include practical solutions for Exchange 2000 – migration strategies, server infrastructure management and client configuration - and long-term strategies for messaging collaboration.A separate emphasis is put on Exchange Security, giving information about virus protection, encryption, server security, spam protection, and many other security-relevant messaging aspects.

Hypersoft will show at Microsoft TechEd 2002 event in Barcelona its OmniContext business intelligence solution. OmniContext is the first software to analyse corporate communication for business purposes.

OmniContext™ is designed to be used for gathering link and relations data from multiple distributed data sources across the entire company. The product uses unique data collection mode, already beneficially utilized in the Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ software, which allow transparent yet fast and powerful collection of various data from mail stores, file systems and websites. The consolidation of this data is done in a central point, from where analysis and visualization of this information is possible for the end-user. 

One of the beneficial application areas for OmniContext presented in Barcelona is the possibility to measure customer SLA based on mail response times. OmniContext is the only solution that provides comprehensive statistics and possibility of realtime alerting, to help companies meet business critical customer service contracts.
OmniContext™ can be used both as a separate product and as a service for organizations of all sizes.

Munich, 14 May 2002

Hypersoft will be glad to meet its European customers at TechEd 2002 Barcelona, July 1st to 5th. Our presence on this trade show will include 2 major products: OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™, both of them analytical applications that help our customers solve administrative and business management-related tasks based on messaging analysis data.

OmniAnalyser™ 7.1 is the new version of our e-mail reporting and monitoring application, which was already presented at TechEd 2002 New Orleans. Among the multiple new features is the possibility to automatically generate any report to be published on a webpage or in a custom folder, alternatively to send it to a distribution list as a text or HTML attachment. This addresses the need of companies who provide e-mail monitoring information as a service for numerous departments or companies, where OmniAnalyser™ data should be easily available for local administrators with limited rights.

Other standard features of OmniAnalyser™ have been enhanced, so that the product can remain the leading solution for professional monitoring of MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and Sendmail environments.

OmniContext™ is a business intelligence application which allows companies to fulfil different business tasks based on data from their messaging system and other data sources. Applications of OmniContext™ include:


  • Knowledge Discovery

  • Enterprise Reporting

  • Customer Relationship Auditing

  • Communication Pattern Analysis

We will be glad to be able to welcome you at our booth A 13 and present you the newest features of our products. To schedule your visit in advance, contact Hypersoft at

New Orleans, LA. -- 09 April, 2002

OmniAnalyser at Microsoft Tech-ED 2002 Hypersoft has released the new version of its OmniAnalyser™ software. This release is strategically important not only for E-mail Administrators and IT Management but also for CTO’s and staff on the business side of the companies, because it is one of the first products that allows for both automated reporting on the messaging system, and analysis of the communication patterns and contents in their correlation to the company’s business processes. The product can be used with Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5 Server.

The data that is hidden behind the seemingly obvious and simple operation of a messaging system is extremely valuable. Progressive companies understand they can not afford to run their corporate e-mail system without being able to analyze and control its usage. The benefits are obvious – reduction of administrative time and costs, prevention of possible problems before they appear, being able to understand workflow and resource usage, create and audit optimal SLA and chargeback model.

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ is the first product to bring E-mail analysis to professional level and provide companies with the information they need to leverage their communication system for a competitive advantage. The new 7.1 version of the product has several enhancements in performance and reporting capabilities. However the major milestone is a set of new features that allow companies to expand their decision-making abilities to include information based on the communication system. For example patterns of document usage, the effectiveness of e-mail based marketing campaigns, and finding hidden expertise within the company. The amount of business-relevant information, which can be collected from the messaging system, is greatly underestimated by most of businesses. The new OmniAnalyser™ product allows companies make most of their communication systems, both on operational and business sides.

"Microsoft is pleased to see Hypersoft delivering customers a comprehensive solution," said Earnie Glazener, Product Manager, .NET Enterprise Server Division at Microsoft Corp. "The functionality provided by OmniAnalyser™ software meets the needs of our mutual customers allowing them fully control and benefit from their Exchange2000 messaging platform.”

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ reports are available via your standard Internet browser and provide the following information:
• Amount and percentage of delayed and non-delivered messages in entire company and on different parts of mail system
• Traffic numbers by and between users, departments, inbound and outbound Internet traffic volumes
• Server performance history, usage statistics and realtime status data
• Complete mailboxes data – numbers, sizes, usage statistics
• Public Folder contents and properties data, growth and usage patterns
• POP3, IMAP4 and OWA connections dynamics
• Amount of viruses found by your antivirus software, history of anti-virus performance
• Visualization of problem trends and business issues: configuration faults, document propagation, knowledge flow and CRM statistics

The OmniAnalyser™ software can be downloaded for evaluation from Hypersoft website.
The software is licensed per Exchange server, one server license priced at USD 600.- Please contact for more information.

Hypersoft specializes in professional analytical applications for corporate messaging networks and infrastructure. The company is based in Germany, and has customers worldwide. Hypersoft software is used to help companies have a bigger return on investment from their messaging system by fully analyzing the existing E-mail networks. Hypersoft products are used by companies of all sizes as an end solution as well as provided by third parties as service to their companies.

Munich, 12 March 2002

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH will exhibit this year at the 10th Tech·Ed conference. This ultimate conference for developers, systems architects, DBAs, and IT professionals organized by Microsoft will take place April 9-13 this year in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hypersoft will be glad to meet our customers and present the recent versions of Hypersoft two most important products at this conference: OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™.

Regular Tech·Ed visitors have seen several versions of the OmniAnalyser software presented at the Microsoft major technology event. The latest OmniAnalyser™ is bound to attract more attention of IT Manager and CTO stuff than ever, being the product milestone that incorporates major important business intelligence issues with the proven qualities of the product used to simplify the corporate mail system administration.

The new OmniAnalyser™ both helps companies save money on system administration, and allows building important business processes using the messaging contents and patterns data. Fully supporting multiple environments such as Exchange 5.5, 2000, Lotus Notes 5 and Sendmail, the product provides unique central information point for administrators and managers of large multinational networks, where the product shows its unmatched scalability and performance.

Alongside with analysis of tracking data and contents of the messaging databases, OmniAnalyser™ allows also additional functionality, such as realtime monitoring of the servers via WMI, reporting on the health of the existing antivirus system and identifying major trends of virus propagation in the company, as well as analysing dynamics of NetMeeting, POP3, IMAP4 and OWA connections for chargeback and system planning activities.

Following AIIM2002 Conference in San Francisco OmniContext™, the new product for business intelligence from Hypersoft will be also showcased at TechEd. Messaging-based visualisation modules of this product allow doing business intelligence tasks and thus use E-mail system for much more than just letting it be a communication utility. The features of this OmniContext™ include communication and data organisation analysis, knowledge discovery and enterprise reporting. The product serves for identifying information propagation and usage patterns in their relation to the business structure, project teams, personnel units and other business-relevant criteria. It also allows generating reports based on enterprise-wide numeric and non-numeric data and tracking critical information from internal and external sources.

Hypersoft representatives will be glad to meet our existing customers and introduce the Hypersoft software to the interested audience at Hypersoft booth 1120. Please feel free to contact Hypersoft at to learn more about our products, as well as to schedule your personal visit time at our booth in New Orleans.

Munich, 21 February 2002

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH, the German company, a leader in solutions for enterprise messaging and knowledge reporting and analysis, is glad to announce the new product for business intelligence, which will be presented to the audience at the AIIM2002 international contents management conference. This first global event for knowledge and contents management will this year take place 5-8 March in Moscone Convention Centre in San Francisco, CA.

OmniContext™ software from Hypersoft is a tool for communication and data organisation analysis, knowledge discovery and enterprise reporting. The product serves for identifying information propagation and usage patterns in their relation to the business structure, project teams, personnel units and other business-relevant criteria. It also allows generating reports based on enterprise-wide numeric and non-numeric data and tracking critical information from internal and external sources.

Hypersoft is glad to position its OmniContext™ software as a professional instrument that helps companies easily identify knowledge hidden in their corporate messaging networks and distributed knowledge repositories, and thus gain full control over resources and provide company’s business with competitive edge.

Hypersoft representatives will be glad to meet you at Hypersoft booth 220, and discuss the critical business value of OmniContext™ based on your needs.
Click here if you would like to schedule your visit to Hypersoft booth in advance.
More information about Hypersoft OmniContext™ is available at

Munich, 21 January 2002

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH will exhibit this year at the Lotusphere Tradeshow 2002. This definitely biggest Lotus event for collaborative solutions will be help this time January 27-31 in Walt Disney World® Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, U.S.A.

Hypersoft is glad to present at Lotusphere the latest milestone in its communication analysis software – OmniAnalyser™ 7.0. This product version was already shown at the Microsoft Exchange Conference, and will now meet its Lotus audience. The new OmniAnalyser™ release fully supports multiple environments such as Exchange 5.5, 2000, Lotus Notes 5 and Sendmail, and is beneficially used by Hypersoft customers as a professional application to analyse their corporate messaging networks – a task which often carries the challenge of gathering complete traffic and contents data from multiple distributed sources, and from multiple mail platforms.

The presentation of Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ features for administering Lotus Notes environment will take place on 28-30 January at the Hypersoft stand 203. Hypersoft will be glad to meet its existing customers as well as IT managers and administrators who are interested to optimize their investment into the company’s E-mail.

Click here if you would like to schedule a discussion of your own business needs and their solutions with a Hypersoft representative at Lotusphere.
More information about Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ is available at .

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