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The immense volume of data analyzing from transactional and contextual perspectives – allows Omnicontext™ a more intelligent approach to understand corporate interactivity, processes, organizational structure.

Munich, December 28, 2012

With Omnicontext™, prospective forward-looking leaders become even more consistent with corporate profiles based on synchronous analysis of every internal and external transaction. The Hypersoft advanced technology gives continuous picture of strategic interactions spanning across thousands of actual corporate end-points.

Perfect timing with beginning of the New Year lets Hypersoft propose innovative analytics “accompanying” the new ways of doing business as well as workforce transformation.

Freshly released performance metering toolset provides high level metrics whilst preserving transactional integrity, focusing on new technology is Business Process Discovery.

Omnicontext™ is able to understand how the current process really works; define process owners, purpose and its target. Business Process Reports not only show the intrinsic process roles, resources, data, duration, rules, but also allow the intellectual analysis to help to prevent the weak points and bottlenecks, and to verify what process steps should be redesigned, improved, made redundant.

The new Omnicontext™ logically continues Hypersoft’s business-relevant metrics addressed to corporate executives and key world players who are devoted to proactive management of business processes, making it a world’s leading company for business metering and organizational intelligence.

Freshly released Omnicontext™ represents a new class of decision management analytics for effective creation and delivery of business value and strategic innovations.

Munich, October 31, 2012

Hypersoft reveals its Organizational Intelligence and has created radically different value proposition for timely and critical decisions making, business strategies development and transformations.

As the real advantage and as opposite to the traditional “surveys” methodology, Hypersoft constantly develops its unique transaction-based analytics. “Omnicontext™ technology leverages data sources, which are virtually impossible to influence and which correspond to the real-time status of the measured organization”- said Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski, Hypersoft Managing Director.

The new business metrics data collection offers greater levels of user privacy through automatic anonymization; more configuration possibilities whilst relying on fewer components.

Corporate decision makers also have greater on-the-go opportunities for operational and organizational analytics with new reporting models that check formalized business units against their actual performance and interaction with others, extended analytics of real-time communication services (quality, user and volume-oriented), and greater coverage of new business applications (such as calendar events, extended SharePoint, mobile quality, usage and others).

This is Hypersoft’s powerful new way to analyze long-term service delivery. As such, Omnicontext™ Analytics could be effectively embedded into the ERM delivery approach.

Companies relying on analytical metrics with focus on the cloud get numerous extended benefits for data storage and processing. Hypersoft now universally supports cloud-enabled business models.

Newest ‘On-the-fly’ configuration of the internal and external accounts allows non-stop processing with adding or changing of cloud processing options, which dramatically saves time and power consumption. The additional benefits are: tasks prioritization, efficient parallel processing, and automatic adaptation to networks with variable bandwidths. Furthermore, companies and service providers can now host analytical data across multiple storage units, preserving the integrity at the same time.

Hypersoft offers robust cloud processing environment targeting intelligent reporting, massive storage and generic data collection. Omnicontext™ Agents support popular business productivity cloud platforms such as Google Apps, Citrix and Office365, as well as providing business metering scenarios to suit private users or to help managers and architects stress-test their corporate ecosystems prior to going live (for cases such as technology transformation projects or deployment of new servicing portals).

The new Hypersoft Omnicontext™ for the Senior Executives is specially oriented towards changing business landscape. Not only it is timely synchronized with the Microsoft Windows 8, Hypersoft technologies are also perfectly adopted for mobile usage and are fully compatible with the tablets and smart phones.

Hypersoft provides exceptionally trusted comprehendible metrics for setting, monitoring and achieving personal and business goals.

Munich, September 19, 2012

After years of unparalleled expertise in metrics and analytics Hypersoft is presenting a new solution for individual knowledge of technology habits and usage. This exciting time comes soon after the unveiling of the groundbreaking Organizational Intelligence. These two solutions are complimentary in their nature to help individuals and the enterprise run more efficiently.

At the upcoming Microsoft German Partner conference 2012 (Stuttgart, 9-10 October), Hypersoft will challenge key domains of cloud-based business and mobile applications, tablet platforms and social media.

Users and decision makers will see how on-the-go analysis of organizations and users can be used to radically improve decision making for improving collaboration and business processes. The key features that distinguish this state-of-the-art Hypersoft software are flexibility and adaptability to heterogeneous business scenarios; discreetness and high level of privacy in dealing with user-related data, but most importantly, accuracy and reliability of metrics collection and processing that utilize top-of-the line database platforms such as Windows Server 2012.

Following the highly successful start of Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics for desktop and laptop users, Hypersoft has now switched its attention to users with active lifestyles, both in terms of physical fitness and people that wish to have a stronger presence in social networks.

The new app, which currently targets the Windows Phone platform, is capable of tracking, processing and archiving user statistics connected with geo- and topological activity, as well as monitoring statistics related to contacts books and calendars. Users are now capable of setting and checking personal goals on-the-go, outlining what indicators they wish to pursue in order to stay healthy and fit, reachable to friends and family or to distribute their time efforts more optimally in order to adapt to mobile lifestyle.

Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics software for mobile devices and personal computers helps to achieve motto “Be You. See You.”, empowering everyday users with private and secure environment. Perfecting On-the-Go Analysis of Personal Mobile Lifestyle.

Hypersoft announces a tie-in ability of showing users physical and technology habits by adding measuring devices.

Munich, August 7, 2012

Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics was designed to give an ability to analyze an individual’s habits in regards to usage of apps on phones, frequency of website visitation and an assortment of other variables relating to an individual.

This has been a technology with much excitement and buzz around it since Hypersoft announced its development but there were always other things that could be included. The addition of information related to physical activity into a holistic vantage of personal habits has brought this technology and this buzz to an entirely different level.

After fine tuning variables that allow users to analyze preferred or undesirable habits and consulting with potential users, consultants and business partners Hypersoft has added this new plug-in ability. By taking into consideration the most popular and newest health assessing watches, pedometers and bands Hypersoft has now added this new valuable level of insight.

The combination of this information will be available on the users smartphone and computer. A simple and easy to manipulate screen will show individuals the habits that they wish to track in their online lives (the good things like SharePoint, Lync and Word and bad things like Angry Birds, facebook and Amazon for example). Along with this will be the health or movement related variables. No other technology or product offers such an inclusive array of measurements built especially for an individual.

The underlying idea behind Hypersoft Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics is that through self-awareness and assessment people can become healthier, more productive and, in the end, happier.

Everyone understands that by recognizing bad habits and recognizing patterns that we want to change is the first step to making these simple steps into healthier lifestyle changes.

Hypersoft believes that Personal Analytics will help people in achieving more, being more successful and feeling good about the way that their time and energy is used.

Differing groups require separate motivations, training and use technology depending on multiple variables. Hypersoft gives this insight based on its new methodology automated understanding of patterns.

Munich, July 25, 2012

Hypersoft Organizational Intelligence recognizes the technologies used by different generations, the ways that they are used within their own groups and externally and how to use this knowledge to make groups more effective through understanding.

As multiple generations within a workforce expect certain technologies to be at their disposal the most important factor to recognize one’s own most effective tools and who are using these tools to the highest benefit. Baby Boomers often prefer different methods of training and levels of interaction than Generation Xers and development within each group can be ameliorated by better understanding of methods used. In fact, in large organizations there may be completely different ways to ready different groups for a new project, people that have some implicit knowledge of the organization and different ways to get in touch or find certain experts.

In this particular situation Hypersoft gathers the information of these groups (these groups can also be based upon time hired, veteran status, project worked on or a multitude of other scenarios that have been encountered) and relates them to the technologies that are used. All of corporate forms of communication can be looked at and understood. Things such as telephony, email, along with other examples can be looked at singularly or together.

After the groundwork is laid the delivery of relevant material is immediately and constantly formed. Business users are able to see the ways that one group is speaking within its own subset and externally, the important individuals are using which technologies the most and, after a training session or symposium, who are the people that are discussing the most recent business issues. It is also possible to simply track who is communicating about specific business issues based upon typing in a key words that would define a project.

By tracking these important metrics Hypersoft helps forward thinking people to see which forms of technology work best within groups for training, sales, research and any other interest. The deep understanding allows multiple visions of alignment for structure, focused training for different groups and refinement and recognition of processes.

This is one such scenario that Organizational Intelligence is utilized within emerging business needs. Hypersoft has the expertise and experience in all things that are related to the understanding of the functions and patterns of key individuals, groups and patterns within workflow.

A new technological advance pioneered by Hypersoft Information Systems shifts analytical focus from business units to the core nature of business activity

Munich, June 05, 2012

Years of research and thorough field-testing in a large assortment of business settings have given Hypersoft the unprecedented ability to spot, assess and categorize key personnel within large heterogeneous organizations without dependence upon levels of communication, both with colleagues and the outside world. The innovative aspect of this state-of-the-art technology is a shift from traditional organizational analytics based upon business units (partly deriving from social network analysis used commonly in business scenarios) towards activity-driven analytics.

Choosing the correct people for the job or a team is now extremely simplified. At the center of business logic regarding this new feature most commonly occurring in business of any type - an ordinary business meeting. Be it a yearly sales meeting addressing corporate strategy, a video presentation on an important marketing campaign in its final stages, or a customer support instant messaging conference, all these activities, and more, can now be tracked and will contribute towards organizational analytics for business professionals seeking the right person for any upcoming business projects or initiatives.

One big difference from other business solutions is the fact that now key personnel do not need to have great communicative characteristics. He or she may be a part of small team meeting only once a quarter and working alone for the remainder of the time, or preferring to meet outside without using communication devices often, all those aspects are now taken care of, easing the job for the decision makers, HR or heads of departments filling up staff vacancies.

New technology can still be used in conjunction with unit-based topologies, so business professionals can analyse communication across activities, corporate networks and common business units, no matter how wide spread and diversified the company is.

This advancement solidifies Hypersoft's position as being a renowned leader in organizational and operational analytics, helping businesses and governments achieve maximal levels of performance and competence.

Company CEO Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski explains relevance of organizational patterns linked to activities across virtual organizations and offers insight on what methods and practices should be considered by business professionals that wish to analyse inter-Clouds

Fukuoka, Japan, March 26, 2012

Extensive research out in the field and with access to real-world inter-Cloud data with thousands of users has given Hypersoft the invaluable opportunity and knowledge to acquire substantial expertise within emerging fields of inter-Cloud analysis and collective intelligence. Being a leading provider of state-of-the-art business metering tools and methodologies for large heterogeneous enterprises for well over a decade, Hypersoft has developed its own unique know-how for determining “true” social networks in terms of business context that is fully bound within all logical layers of an organization.

In particular, presentation and subsequent workshop discussion addressed questions such as:

“Is community discovery based on communication patterns sufficiently relevant?”

“What raw data is available for community discovery?”

“How can we discover important community members who have weak communication patterns?”

Hypersoft technologies offer business users an accurate account on usage patterns and quality levels

Munich, January 13, 2012

Google Apps suites provide decision makers with a wealth of opportunities for restructuring business productivity. These business professionals must be aware of optimization mechanisms built to ensure subscription costs cover all active business users and introduce actual business value through optimal planning and spending. To answer this corporate dilemma Hypersoft has just released cloud metering environment that targets both Google Apps usage statistics, quality and availability metrics together with existing office ecosystems in a complete and platform-agnostic manner.

Automatic probing of Google Apps business domains enables retrieving account and user activity information that can be analysed with historic perspective. The assists in pinpointing inactive accounts through various indicators such as different logon types and eases the management of user subscriptions throughout the company.

To further improve understanding of business productivity, user accounts can be historically dissected to show activity waves for a particular number of days helping to identify mid- and long-term trends and uncover strategic direction within the corporate cloud domain. For those business users wishing to assess and impose more prudent and cost saving approach for managing Google Apps enterprise-wise, disk space reporting offers information on disk quota limits alongside actual storage and average usage while messaging reporting helps in assessing aggregated internal and cloud messaging environment as a whole.

In addition to Google Apps usage reporting Hypersoft also provides service quality verification opportunities by measuring availability, and performing transactional monitoring of Google Apps cloud environment through business relevant service probing, such as user experience during usage of accounting software or any other application acquired through app store.

These new reporting frameworks from the world leader in business monitoring offer corporate decision makers a reliable yet simple to comprehend array of business statistics. This helps save valuable time and resources by focusing away from the IT aspect of managing cloud applications and helping to implement effective subscription, licensing and capacity management policies across the organization as a whole.

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