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The second part of the conference « Admin2004 Europe » took place in Paris in December 2004.

The administrators and developers using Lotus/Domino are very familiar with the event’s organizer — the magazine “The View”. The conference usually took place in the United States (Boston).

The transatlantic success wave has brought the conference to reach Copenhagen and then Paris, to the great satisfaction of numerous IBM/Lotus technology professionals who arrived from all over Europe and even from further remote destinations.

Hypersoft, the world leader in metrology, analysis, reporting and metrics of service levels for messaging systems, naturally became Premium Gold Sponsor of the two European conferences "Admin 2004", where the industry experts held more than 30 sessions in six major tracks.

Important and popular issues covered in the conference included “Performance Monitoring and Tuning” and “Upgrade Planning and Implementation”. Hypersoft in co-operation with EDS MCS (Messaging Collaborative Services) presented a session oriented on service level management and improvement by the means of monitoring and efficient analysis of the messaging infrastructure (« Improve IT Service Management by Monitoring and Reporting the Availability , Quality and Utilization of your Messaging Services – New messaging SLA : a customer requirement »).

The goal of this session was to draw attention to the growing problems faced by companies trying to deliver services of higher quality, and to discuss the IT Service Management approach and the best ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) experience. It was an attempt to evaluate the importance of having a proactive approach rather than reactive for information services management (Reporting Analysis vs. Real-Time Supervision).

Nowadays the IT market clearly shows that — to respond to availability limitations that go crescendo, to assure optimal service quality for users, to execute efficiently metrical processes in messaging and collaboration applications real-time monitoring became insufficient. Henceforward, it is of primary importance to have a perfect knowledge of your messaging infrastructure, of its functioning and of its usage. Quality measurements for the delivered services need to be performed from the end-user perspective, i.e. it is important to distinguish the service quality "relative" to the system and the service quality perceived by the customer. This would not have become possible without the appropriate technology.

Service level management and perfect knowledge of your messaging infrastructure are true magic for mastering IT costs, creation of a reliable expenses model and adequate billing.

With this conference being oriented strongly on the current situation in the IT services market, and particularly on the market of business messaging and peripheral services, Hypersoft made public the new version of OmniAnalyser, v.8.7. as well as its business intelligence software OmniContext.

Having arrived at the end of the three conference days and taking in consideration the general satisfaction expressed by numerous visitors, it is safe to bet that Admin will come back to Europe next year and why not once more to Paris!

Copenhagen, Denmark November 16-19, 2004

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH – a leading vendor of software solutions designed for IT Service management, messaging service level monitoring, billing and analysis of IT resources – presents new palette of tools and services for enterprise-wide messaging analysis and service management at Microsoft’s IT Forum 2004 Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark, 16-19 November 2004. New tools and services were designed to emphasize Hypersoft’s change to better support IT service level management, corporate performance monitoring, collaboration and communication, and billing requirements and have improved real-time monitoring capabilities; topology, replication, cost analysis and capacity planning.

Providing better service levels is on top of today‘s IT professionals list, and the ability to improve service levels while simultaneously maximizing staff efficiency and reducing operational cost is a highly sought objective. Business criticality of collaboration and communication services require data centre operational disciplines. IT departments do shift their focus from monitoring individual IT resources to providing specific service to end users as a collection of tasks. Hypersoft combats today’s challenges to manage business-critical services, to provide all relevant data on-demand and just-in-time, to improve quality of service, to automate routine tasks and to raise system security.

Microsoft’s IT Forum Europe is Premier European Conference for IT Managers, Systems and Applications Architects, Specialists and Administrators. It is the unique opportunity for the participants to experience rich technical content on planning, deploying and managing the secure connected enterprise. Building on this year’s theme of ‘Security’, one will explore best practices for strengthening security, managing systems and planning/implementing rollouts of Microsoft products and technologies. The participants will be able to update and enhance your professional performance at more than 200 training sessions and hands-on labs. Hypersoft is happy to present its tools and services for enterprise-wide messaging analysis and service management at Microsoft’s IT Forum Europe this year.

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH – a world-wide leading vendor of enterprise software solutions for IT service management and analysis – presents it's product suite for Measuring Enterprise Service Delivery at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2004 Cannes, 31 October - 4 November 2004. The presented products, OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ are a multiplatform enterprise software solution that delivers comprehensive metrics on the availability, quality, and performance of enterprise computer services, such as e-mail, web, content filtering, databases, and directories. The performance and status data is automatically collected across complex infrastructures of any size and delivered directly to decision makers, administrators, and other applications.

Status, quality and cost are the most important measures for corporate computing services. Being in control of them faces the challenges of scalability, security, application integration, organizational complexity. Hypersoft's solution, which includes OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ products, is a combination of a clear service model and a sophisticated technique to consolidate different data streams into coherent performance information. The sources of enterprise service information that can be consolidated with Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ already include mail tracking data, properties and contents of databases, Directories, Event Logs, Antivirus and Instant Messaging software logs and WMI data, along with availability information of enterprise services to their end users under Windows and Linux platforms. Hypersoft OmniContext™ is a highly customisable solution that can consolidate information from necessary datasources for the decision makers in service management, cost allocation, and corporate information management or add custom datasources or ways to present the collected information to the performance information picture created by OmniAnalyser™ product.

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is Gartner’s flagship event, and Europe’s leading conference for senior IT and business professionals. It is, for many of it's participants, the finest opportunity to gain invaluable insights from the industry’s thought leaders, to discuss their own specific issues one-on-one with Gartner’s expert analysts and consultants, while networking with their peers and viewing innovation from solution providers. 53% of conferentce delegates are C-level executives and 34% senior business managers. At no other event one can meet with so many like-minded high-level IT decision makers under one roof. Considering the fact that 77% of delegates use Symposium/ITxpo for long term strategic planning, Hypersoft is happy to aid the delegates of Symposium/ITxpo this year with it's solutions for IT service measuring, analysis and management.

Munich, September 1, 2004

Hypersoft Informationssysteme GmbH is a vendor of leading software solutions designed to monitor and report on service levels on various business processes and messaging environments such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. Hypersoft products are used by some of the largest organizations in the world, and are delivered by several major IT outsourcing companies as the standard reporting tool for SLA and usage statistics.

In the coming years, the growing confidence of organizations on the messaging infrastructure and its related business processes will considerably change IT group priorities. The business criticality of e-mail and other communication means will force organizations to apply data center operational disciplines to these as well. This includes pro-active service level monitoring, billing, failover, historical data analysis, and exception reporting that have been largely absent from messaging operations. Organizations must adopt these disciplines to enable delivery of higher levels of uptime and provide better service of quality.

Munich, July 26, 2004

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH, which offers the messaging reporting and analysis software OmniAnalyser™ for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, provides a new set of web reports for IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, formerly known as Sametime.

OmniAnalyser™ helps companies bringing instant messaging in line with actual business usage to cut costs and improve quality of service. The new reports gives administrators analysis and reports on enterprise-wide usage, capacity utilization, and cost allocation of instant messaging. Thus, information like all meetings by date per given time period, users connected to Sametime, participants per organizational unit as well as the duration of all meeting room client connections is provided.

Munich, June 14, 2004

Windows & .NET Magazine announced today that the messaging reporting and analysis solution OmniAnalyser™ from Hypersoft Informationssysteme GmbH was one of 30 finalists for the Best of TechEd Europe 2004 Awards conducted by Windows & .NET Magazine and SQL Server Magazine. Winners will be determined and announced at TechEd Europe 2004 in Amsterdam, on Thursday 1st July at an evening awards reception.

Hypersoft is a leading vendor of the messaging reporting and analysis software OmniAnalyser™. It is used worldwide for comprehensive, cost-effective and automated reporting. The software provides administrators as well as C-level managers an easy access to all information required to understand how reliable, cost and resource-effective the corporate mail system is operated.

Munich, June 9, 2004

Hypersoft Information Systems' OmniAnalyser™ has been recently recognised to fulfill the strict software quality requirements to acquire the "Verified for Windows Server 2003" certification. This certification, provided by the independent testing company VeriTest, assures that OmniAnalyser™ will integrate into your existing Windows Server 2003 infrastructure, will install and uninstall seamlessly, will meet basic security requirements and is unlikely to cause system instability problems.

Munich, May 15, 2004

Hypersoft Information Systems' OmniAnalyser has been selected as a finalist in the Messaging category for the Best of TechEd 2004 Awards conducted by Windows & .NET Magazine and SQL Server Magazine.

The Winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 26th starting at 6pm at the San Diego Marriott Marina.

"All of the products that were evaluated for the Best of TechEd 2004 awards were of exceptional quality and the products selected as finalists stood out amongst the competition for providing the best strategic importance to the market, the highest competitive advantage to the organization, and the most value to the customer," said Mike Otey, Senior Technical Editor for Windows & .NET Magazine.

Boston, May 14, 2004

Hypersoft Information Systems announces at ADMIN 2004 the new availability monitoring functionality in its award-winning OmniAnalyser™ software.

This new features include calculating mail server availability separately for each Store when it concerns Miscrosoft Exchange Availability. Server availability in the network can now be also probed by sending TCP/IP pings. Apart from just pinging the server, pinging any specified port is also possible. If the server hosts pages or files that are available via HTTP protocol, the availability of such HTTP resources can also be checked with the new version of OmniAnalyser™, even if accessing these resources requires special authorization with the HTTP server. Mail links between local and remote servers can now be checked by sending Round Trip messages, information on which will also be present in OmniAnalyser™ reports.

For these new types of availability information, real-time and history reporting, as well as sending alerts when critical situation occur, are available. System administrators can now have data on most critical aspects of system availability collected in one tool and delivered exactly where they need it.

Mail server availability information was present in OmniAnalyser™ reports since early OmniAnalyser™ versions, however, as the product grows to embrace more and more sources of data, these new availability features are the next step in making OmniAnalyser™ the ultimate product for all monitoring, metering and reporting needs.

Munich, February 20, 2004

German-based Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH extends the virus reporting capabilities of its OmniAnalyser™ messaging reporting and analysis software. It now integrates ScanMail™ for Lotus Notes™ which offers comprehensive virus protection and content security for the Lotus Domino™ environment.

OmniAnalyser™ now processes all ScanMail™ log files and, thus, allows for comprehensive reporting on viruses detected and messages blocked. This includes statistics on names, groups and types of viruses, their total counts as well as the names of originators and recipients of blocked messages.

Further, OmniAnalyser™ reports on the ScanMail™ application’s health and status. The first type is a real-time report indicating whether the virus engine is working correctly or not by periodically sending an infected test mail to the servers. The second type of report provides a summary about all running ScanMail™ applications installed on different servers throughout the network. This includes the server name, ScanMail™ version number, version number of the virus engine, and the pattern number.

All reports can be easily scheduled and fully automated thanks to various user defined filter settings. Reports can be either published through the Intranet/Internet or distributed via e-mail as CSV, HTML, or XML files. OmniAnalyser™ provides administrators a familiar, intuitive web interface to generate and configure new reports and retrieve historical reports.

Hypersoft develops comprehensible messaging reporting and analysis solutions for Lotus Domino™/Notes™, Microsoft Exchange, Sun ONE Integration Server (iPlanet), and SMTP servers such as Sendmail.

Orlando, January 25, 2004

Hypersoft is currently presenting the new OmniAnalyser™ version 8.0 at the Lotusphere in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to its well established comprehensive traffic and usage analysis function, OmniAnalyser™ is now delivering new analytic capabilities for Domino replication schedules and delays as well as unique topology-based analysis of messaging and application traffic.

OmniAnalyser™ 8.0 features numerous new reports such as Message Delivery Delays, Message Size Distribution, Database Replication Delays, and many others reports and the Self-Analysis report which displays the internal state of the OmniAnalyser™ database so that any missing data can be easily identified by user, and re-requested with the help of OmniAnalyser™ console.

Improvements in reporting functionality include new drill-down functionalities for the Server Availability report and an “Access Time” filter for hiding servers under a critical latency value from the report.

The new version of the OmniAnalyser™ Integration Server can automatically publish graphs together with reports or publish a report as an XML file on the network. They have pivot tables, which display details of data collection for each date for Mailboxes and Server Availability data and help troubleshooting data collection. The redesigned reports list allows users the logon to Hypersoft reports website, to see only the most frequently used reports and hide the rest of the reports tree.

There also are several innovations on the functionality side. The monitoring Agent can now monitor and alert on any specified parameter on a Windows machine, report on the performance history of monitored parameters, and monitor the Windows event log as well as any events from the Lotus Domino server logs. The Scan Agent is now able to check Last Access information for users of the mail servers.

Further improvements have been made to ensure seamless OmniAnalyser™ operation across all supported platforms, which currently include Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, SendMail and Sun One Integration Server (iPlanet).

The operation of OmniAnalyser™ has become more robust with the introduction of the Self-Analysis report with the complete details of the enterprise-wide messaging data collection process.

Hypersoft Information Systems is a world-wide leading vendor of messaging analysis software. Hypersoft is based in Munich, Germany with further office in France, USA and other countries.

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