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New state-of-the-art technology unveils how users perceive corporate Citrix systems parallel to hosted applications, and how this knowledge helps to boost business productivity.

Munich, November 18, 2011

As more and more businesses rely on cloud-hosted business productivity solutions that are accessed by corporate personnel, Hypersoft has resolved a dilemma that would worry every decision maker in regards of business value and hidden opportunities introduced with this strategic move. Questions such as “Are my colleagues comfortable enough with connecting to a remote processing hive?” and “Has the speed of production workflow and value generation increased or is there need for an extra push?” can now be successfully analysed and answered in an unbiased way with the assistance of accurate business metrics produced by Hypersoft software.

Every slight delay during the process of connection to a knowledge base or adding the latest intelligence to a collaborative document can radically turn competitive in nature. Hypersoft now offers business professionals a high-level view of their Citrix business environments and the ability to establish strategic steps for enforcement of effective policy mechanisms and optimal resource redistribution. This insight helps to ensure that daily productivity remains flexible while being protected against any adverse alteration by some random performance indicator.

The main focus of these measurements is focused towards user comfort when connecting to Citrix clients and performing business-relevant actions with remote applications, such as downloading customer or project related documentation, charts, presentations, spreadsheets etc. This approach guarantees complete separation of business requirements from the technical nature of deployed ecosystems whilst producing metrics that will be easily comprehended by ordinary co-workers wishing to understand performance of business productivity. Furthermore, as every transaction simulates actual user transactions and is fully carried out, business users can be assured with the quality of metrics and precision it introduces into analytical scope.

While offering extensive opportunities for analyzing quality of service related to Citrix business environments (both clients and hosted applications), Hypersoft also offers advanced instrumentation for stress-testing of mission critical parts of Citrix infrastructures to ensure solid performance under rigorous conditions when thousands of users are simultaneously connected.

Hypersoft metrics are widely recognized and demanded throughout the world because of their accuracy, business-orientation and alignment with corporate goals. Hypersoft specialists have been helping decision makers to stay strategically-focused by leaving out performance indicators that are of little business importance whilst concentrating on the ones that are considered as the main drivers of corporate growth.

Businesses can now proactively adapt to service needs at times of peak activity and help to sustain high levels of customer loyalty and growth.

Munich, November 1, 2011

The experts at Hypersoft have recently released a highly specialized metering framework for spotting weaknesses and flaws across portals and global web service installations on daily, hourly and any other specified time period required for deep-down business analytics.

Hundreds and thousands of user transactions are analyzed simultaneously per second enabling the constant testing of mission critical services to uncover potential vulnerabilities that are either resource\network-related or which are a result of human design or implementation error. To further align testing environments to business goals, every generated transaction is relevant and mirrors the intended business nature of the tested service delivery environment. These transactions can be different requests to CRM systems or business process chains connected with ERP infrastructures such as SAP.

Hypersoft’s test framework helps companies and service providers to ensure possession of rock-solid business infrastructures to serve diverse user needs. Testing can also be performed from the outside and prior to service deployment, maintaining a sterile service landscape and helping to pinpoint areas that would require further actions, in a completely proactive manner and with full automation. Once performed, corporate professionals challenged with tasks of reinforcing business environment will have relevant knowledge for successfully redesigning the whole ecosystem to successfully perform while online.

This new innovation from Hypersoft Information Systems has already aided top industry players in steering away from technical side of business evaluation. The resulting deployment of reinforced online CRM solutions and the ability to pinpointing strategically-vital areas of service delivery infrastructure effectively guarantees future profits and client trust.

The new stress-testing framework ultimately aims to enforce effective disciplined policies while creating, upgrading or changing online services to cover and be ready for large numbers of users, demonstrating how to effectively maintain professional attitude towards both daily operations and corporate strategy.

A proven industry leader in operational intelligence and analytics now offers opportunities for business users to leverage Office 365 operation data in business process analysis.

Munich, August 10, 2011

In light of recent trends with businesses shifting their services to the cloud, Hypersoft has become the first metering and analytics company to accurately assess and explore operational metrics of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), giving organizations unrivalled opportunities to compare and analyse their technology-intense projects for a large numbers of scenarios.

Equally useful for large-scale companies and mid-sized businesses, Hypersoft’s new offering includes comprehensive and unbiased intelligence capabilities for business and technology transformation projects involving cloud-based resources such as Office 365. Many of the key operational metrics or performance, which were previously available only for companies with their own on-premise IT infrastructure, can now be used by customers of cloud workplace technologies.

Hypersoft’s unique know-how of business metering and analytics, stemming from its decade-long leading market presence and cooperation with key industry players of numerous business fields, has granted it extensive knowledge of measurement needs demanded by modern-day decision-makers. Having also been the first company to offer metering solutions for collaboration and real-time communication services, Hypersoft now provides complete set of intelligence expertise and technology while migrating to Office 365, such as assessing outcome of organizational change projects or understanding operation and work patterns in organizations. On the technology side, this is complemented by measuring service quality levels, resource usage and optimizing subscription spending to balance between users’ needs and corporate goals.

As of today Hypersoft’s new metering and analytics offering is targeting both businesses holding on to licensed business model and the ones that are working with BPOS and Office 365 subscriptions, helping to achieve best results and to transform technology migration projects into a rich set of user-relevant services alongside with extra value in corporate domain.

Improved collaboration’s metrics reporting for the latest Microsoft SharePoint’s 2010 gives you the power to unite and enlarge content development and information sharing across continents. It is a new way to see collaboration and an innovative dimension to analyse it.

Munich, July 4, 2011

Hypersoft has invested its know-how and resources to answer the questions that worry every decision maker: do my company personnel contribute to overall team work, are my customers getting what they are looking for and whether corporate community reacts to the most pressing issues in rational, professional and timely manner.

Recently released OmniContext™ metering toolbox measures and reports to manager or technical team all aspects of companies’ workflow such as speed, quality and automation of workflow processing helping to track performance issues regardless of workflow complexity or number of tasks and people involved in collaborative projects. The new software provides a full line of reports about Microsoft SharePoint 2010’s availability, accessibility and performance; as well as about usage analysis and usage summary to answer the question on whether collaboration between employees and business entities remains sharply focused or lacks the necessary dynamism required for surviving fierce competition.

Advanced and highly intelligent monitoring of Microsoft SharePoint’s search requests performed by clients, prospects and company users sheds new light on such pressing issues as who searches for what and do we deliver the information about product, service or document within reasonable time limits; what are the latest purchasing trends in internal and external communities; is my SharePoint site farm organized optimally or needs redesign.

Additionally to workflow monitoring and search analytics Hypersoft’s OmniContext™ helps you to spot top contributors to documents’ creations and edits, identify real influencers and real collaboration that glues together your business or clients and make well-informed decisions regarding people placement, policy considerations or justification of licensing spending and future investment funds channeling.

Hypersoft is using its time-proven expertise in business metering to help worldwide companies ensure their personnel are staying customer-facing irrespective of work environment or business model. Hypersoft OmniContext™ is the first complete solution to propose a so large and deep collaboration metrics for business users to rely on.

Hypersoft  metering technology improves presence and collaboration, delivering top quality levels of VoIP, instant messaging, conferencing and knowledge sharing.

Munich, May 23, 2011

Ensuring high levels of personnel’s daily availability for dealing with business-critical tasks is now dependent only on fast and confident decision-making. Hypersoft has recently released its state-of-the-art reporting environment that glues together business units irrespective of the communication channels they are likely to be using.

No matter whether your company relies heavily on instant messaging, organizes daily conferences at the start of the work day or pushes new products with VoIP technology and video-calls, the new Microsoft Lync server reports reveal how well can your men reach a potential customer, decide upon the next strategic move or carry out a presentation to a prospective client located across the ocean.

Additionally to providing accurate statistics on the quality of real-time communication service with MOS reporting complemented with comprehendible KPIs in relation to network performance, new metrics also offers comparative data on usage of Lync servers, easing decisions regarding whether spending is justified, should there be consolidation or movement of resources and helping to predict on usage patterns and mid- or long-term trends.

Advanced filtering of collected data highlights the differences of conferencing and one-to-one communication between different business units, from smallest teams or single individuals to global regional networks, whilst automatic metrics gathering and processing reveals from manual analytic workload, presenting performance figures in business-relevant scope.

New reports are fully aligned with the platform-agnostic concept of IT service analytical framework that Hypersoft has chosen to deliver to top business players.

Hypersoft significantly redesigns its operational intelligence with external communities’ analysis opportunities.

Munich, Germany April 07, 2011

New reporting has embodied all latest technology for identification, formalization and analytics of communication and collaboration across unresolved business communities, their primary functions, members and leaders. Currently managers have the ability of cross checking of identified or constructed communities against official business units, what primary functions they tend to share, what content to exchange and what are the new fashions and tendencies in business operation.

Not only there is a possibility to check your corporate networks on the compliance with their business roles, right now you can visualize the patterns of the communication between different identified or manually-created communities. Currently it is possible to see how project teams share the information vital for mutual success, develop a notion on whom or what team to place for winning a crucial bid or tackling complex support ticket that has existed for months.

New reports and topologies help to establish common grounds for client-provider understanding, identification of whether the company is moving towards innovation and growth or stuck at constant support struggle, and whether corporate policies should be revised to provide more flexibility whilst maintaining separation of concerns.

Outlook calendar events reporting sheds light on corporate nature of business appointments helping to save time and cut spending.

Munich, Germany March 31, 2011

To complement on collaboration and real-time communication services reporting that Hypersoft offers to businesses and other organizations the new reports now provide an extensive view of Outlook calendar events throughout the whole corporate ecosystem.

As of today managers and top decision makers can evaluate how well business meetings are carried out across company, who are the most active meeting organizers and participants, are they being carried out real-world or as virtual appointments, find out average meeting duration and average number of participants.

Advanced business filtering presents powerful opportunities for analytical activities by allowing generating statistics for differently outlined business units such as individuals, offices, departments and regions easing comparative analysis while detailed reports help to establish what types of appointments are predominant, pinpoint their exact business nature, topic and location, who organizes and participates in every meeting and whether they are repeating or sporadic.

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