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Hypersoft ensures trustworthy business metrics within corporate ecosystems

Munich, December 19, 2013

Right before the start of the New Year Hypersoft introduced its “Sanity Check” service for business clients with distributed infrastructures that consist of hundreds of servers across multiple business units. The necessity for this is evident: Increasingly complex applications and infrastructures require a radically different approach to make sure operational indicators reflect the true nature of business processes.

Targeted at enterprises that need a better understanding of their operations in order to foster their business for growth, “Sanity Check” complements existing Hypersoft’s Operational Intelligence reporting. By aligning multiple operational resources with corporate strategy, the new service makes sure business goals are being reached in the shortest possible amount of time.

Developed in response to client requests, “Sanity Check” delivers real-time, cross-tier visibility. Hypersoft verifies if all their operational data is being promptly collected and processed. With this new service, clients are assured that all parts of their infrastructure are able to provide up-to-date data for their business reports.

Hypersoft monitors the full spectrum of the infrastructure elements, including major collaboration platforms and services, such as Microsoft Exchange 2013 messaging service, Lync 2013 instant messaging and conferencing, as well as SharePoint 2013. The Operational Intelligence traces the resource spending, metering configuration, data distribution and processing requirements.

In addition to providing monthly diagnostic reports Hypersoft offers a set of analytical recommendations for infrastructure optimization in order to deliver even more robust metering of key operations.

Hypersoft started the series of the innovative projects to the 20years anniversary

Paris, November 18, 2013

Hypersoft Information Systems announced today that its Personal Analytics technology is now being used by a leading French telecom company that specializes in providing comprehensive telecommunications expense management services to large European companies. According to the Commercial Director of the telecom company, Hypersoft was chosen for this demonstration project based on the German company’s 20 year history of developing innovative, cutting-edge analytic projects.

OmniContext™ Personal Analytics improves personal productivity by giving employees the ability to measure certain aspects of their work, analyze the results, and make changes based on them. Personal Analytics was developed by Hypersoft based on a decade of experience in understanding precisely what the right metrics are for executives in dynamically changing organizations who want to make the right decisions without wasting their resources.

For the telecom project employees from three different departments (Production, Support and Commercial) installed the Personal Analytics agent on their workstations and used the OmniContext™ dashboard to get daily reports on what desktop applications they spend the most time with. Hypersoft analyses the full spectrum of the applications starting from the regular Microsoft Office, web, collaboration and including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. The daily reports also provide information on the employee’s communications activities using Outlook email and Lync Instant Messaging in order to better understand relations between both teams and customers.

In addition to the individualized daily reports that each employee uses to measure his or her productivity, the project generates a group report for each business unit that is used to initiate a dialogue with employees about how to improve their personal productivity.

By giving employees precise information about what they do on a daily basis, OmniContext™ Personal Analytics allows them to get insight into their own work habits and the ability to self-manage to make positive, permanent changes.

11th annual Workplace Trends 2013 Conference in London

Munich, October 25, 2013

Hypersoft was invited by Dr. Nigel Oseland organizer of the 11th annual  Workplace Trends 2013 conference in London to discuss organization, design, and transformation with the idea to build more creative and agile working environments.

Bringing together over 200 professionals, this year’s conference is focused on current trends affecting workplace – from topics on planning and productivity, work patterns, to global innovative workplaces and activity-based work.

Insights provided by Hypersoft introduce how workplace challenges faced by organizations, could be efficiently tackled with use of the new analytics technologies, how organizational structures should be identified, assessed and managed, and how employee productivity could be measured and optimized in office workspaces.

The Organizational Intelligence Analytics is leveraged by innovative companies which really think how design of their workplace enables them to work productively. Focusing on organizational units, employee productivity, business structures identification and processes tracking, Hypersoft had acquired a substantial expertise in analytics on workplace initiatives.

Hypersoft offers a unique opportunity for assessment of business goals and key operational contexts

Munich, August 26, 2013

 Hypersoft Omnicontexts™ identifies and measures important business processes as well as  verifies them against set objectives.

A new Hypersoft app performs this in numerous scenarios: from tracking projects success rates, to verification of business units’ efficiency, and analysis of principal systems such as customer-facing portals, CRM and ERP applications.

The monitored metrics are easy to compare through a radar-like interface with key performance indicators, as well as offering other graphical and reporting facilities for business analysis. Contexts are intuitive to use, enabling pinpointing of key structures, how they affect performance on the daily basis and in the long-run. It provides state-of-the-art innovative technology aimed at boosting business productivity.

The transactional analytic knowhow of Hypersoft business metering preserves logical links between a high-level view of business performance and single events, easing comparison of business activities and operations.

The OmniContext™ reporting app is available for download at the following app store link

Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics now supports extensive range of Android devices, helping to boost productivity while on the go

Munich, July 22, 2013

Android users wishing to find novel ways to boost personal and work outcome now have an innovative tool they can rely upon. Following the major success of mobile analytics for Windows Phone and desktop platforms, Hypersoft has just expanded its efforts for the provision of Personal Analytics for Android followers.

The new product upgrade is the next step in the line of state-of-the-art innovation for solid-state self-analysis. Moving away from platform-specific monitoring of daily user activities, OmniContext™ Personal Analytics now possesses full range of qualities for delivering meaningful productivity, activity and learning indicators. The broad range of metering options offers extra value for pinpointing opportunities. Like enhancing career advancement and expanding into new territories to improve social networking.

Supporting a wide range of mobile Android devices, OmniContext™ Personal Analytics discreetly observes vital footprints of personal activity over the course of time, informing users on whether they have reached their goals or if there is a room for improvement. Statistics on such data as GPS and movement activities, dynamics of contacts growth and communication patterns provide an objective insight into the personal quality of the inner self. This helps to achieve more with less time spent, and to make qualified decisions about further actions.

OmniContext™ Personal Analytics is especially designed for determined users who want to perfect themselves while on the go. Helping people to extend their potential for communication, self-enhancement and improving self-esteem, it offers a helping hand, delivering insight for proactive growth of vital skills and personal virtues.

To download the app please visit

Hypersoft France celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Puyricard, July 8, 2013

“German hi-tech hub Munich, Silicon Valley San Francisco,  Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture - for all our locations we are consistently looking for Esprit of Innovation “- mentioned Hypersoft Managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski opening the ceremony of the 10 year of Hypersoft France. We are celebrating the technological success at this warm, friendly and rich traditions Mediterranean region.”

Over this decade, Hypersoft has substantially enlarged circle of clients and partners in France who are using the real-time data analytics software and improving their operational efficiency with Hypersoft’s technology.

“We chose to settle down on the edges of Mediterranean Sea because we share the values and the characteristics of this region” – remarked Arnaud Chavanis the marketing representative of Hypersoft, graduated from INSEEC Business School, Lyon. “Located between our American and Central European offices, the easy access of Marseille area is the perfect place to be sure we could get closer to our French customers. We are also sharing the strong will of the region to always encourage innovation."

Hypersoft hopes users and partners will continue sharing our vision on how to use personal and enterprise data to improve performance and self-management, ensuring further business for years ahead.

Workplace productivity, organizational collaboration, driving change through organizational insight and personal analytics unveil innovative aspects of the decision making process.

Munich, June 6, 2013

Hypersoft has just launched a completely free webinar series for the decision makers, consultants and business professionals wishing to know more about their business capabilities and what are the latest trends in organizational analytics.

A four part series of online webinars that started at the end of May began with an introductory presentation focusing on Workplace Productivity. It touched on such issues as how to identify successful activities; how to leverage knowledge to improve business processes and how to discover innovative ways to boost performance.

A continuation of this free event is planned for the 26th of June 2013 at 14:00 UTC. It will dive even deeper into business analytics. Attendees will be able to learn how to Improve Organizational Collaboration at the Individual and Group Level through mapping communities and groups to gain valuable insight into business processes and activity patterns.

Additional events will switch to bordering agendas of industry-grade business analysis. How Organizational Insight Drives Change webinar will focus on organizational units’ analysis for effective change management of complex mid- and long-term business projects, ensuring success of mergers and acquisitions.

The concluding part of the series will focus more on self-analytics rather than top-down analysis of business performance. Operational Knowledge Building through Personal Analytics webinar will reveal how self-analysis can help colleagues and co-workers improve business skills, social networking and productivity through self-assessment at work and home.

To join this exciting learning opportunity visit for a free registration.

Innovative Mobile Analytics for the Mobile Workplace

Munich, May 2, 2013

An innovator in business analytics, Hypersoft Information Systems announced today that its metering technology will now support the mobile Windows Phone platform as well as other popular Microsoft platforms such as Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint and others. As the corporate landscape is increasing dominated by mobile devices, Hypersoft is one of the few Organizational Intelligence (OI) vendors to offer products that can process and analyze structured and unstructured data from these devices. Hypersoft is able to do this by leveraging its experience and knowledge of operational measurements in the enterprise. This know-how has been now been expanded to include mobile business users’ activities.

This recent breakthrough allows business decision makers access to a wide range of metrics, from smartphone GPS and accelerometer movements to the social networking activities of individual employees, which can be used for workplace productivity analysis. These mobile metrics are also flexible enough to monitor who attends business meetings, participates in learning and training programs, or travels regionally on business.

Hypersoft Information Systems provides top-grade, comprehensible metrics that allow its business customers to act efficiently in challenging business scenarios. With the help of Hypersoft’s new mobile analytics, enterprise and individual knowledge workers can identify and further develop strategies for higher productivity in their daily operations.

Personal analytics acts as a factor of change in enterprise communication and collaboration patterns and is becoming predominantly important for success of behavior transformation projects

Barcelona, March 28, 2013

Hypersoft once again actively contributes to worldwide movement of industry and academia in the field of Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA). The first annual international workshop on collaborative enterprise systems COLLABES 2013 in conjunction with 27th IEEE AINA-2013 Conference gathered innovative academic research results and business experiences, including those of Hypersoft, to share recent best practices related to corporate collaboration amongst top industry players.

At COLLABES 2013 in Barcelona, Hypersoft’s CEO Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski has shared Hypersoft’s unique findings of metering and analysis of modern service organizations from the perspective of personal analytics, with aim of moving from ”case-based” to “relationship-based” customer interaction. Particularly it was stressed out on personal analytics as being a new type of category for organizational intelligence, complementary to general organizational intelligence metrics such as community structure and processes, simultaneously focusing on enterprise- and work-related scope.

Conference attendees were presented with the results of real-life field experiments related to organizational project for merging members of the separate business structures, and which helped to shed light on questions such as:

“How to ensure higher quality of relationships within newly formed business units?”

“What is personal analytics, which data sources are realistically available for personal analytics in enterprise context, what is the typical analytic outcome and how would this work in a real-life experiment?”

“Is mobility contributing towards formation of closer communities?”

Discussion also specially concentrated on points such as whether changes in mobile-device related activity, specifically collaboration, are proving to be more closely linked to organizational change processes than traditional ones, and whether making personal analytics available to users has direct impact on the success of behavior transformation projects.

Hypersoft Information Systems continues fruitful cooperation with IEEE Computer Society and AINA Conferences by contributing innovative research and know-how.

Newly released analytics offer unique opportunities to calibrate and fine-tune cloud service support ecosystems irrespective of size and complexity, easing resource optimization and improvement of client retention rates.

Munich, March 15, 2013

The latest operational analytics devised by Hypersoft Information Systems provide an opportunity for cloud service providers to strengthen control and support of complex client accounts with the provision of comprehensive single-point of access metering. This new reporting guarantees fully verifiable tracking of cloud operations, helping to achieve two significant business objectives: internally - proactive support and optimized management of client accounts, externally - clear and unbiased accountability for global corporate customers.

What’s most significant for actual business needs is the fact that the new technology revolutionizes the management of cloud business processes by helping to develop, formalize, track and scale business processes to manage subscriptions, reinforce client-provider relations and improve customer satisfaction across the overall spectrum of technology-dependent services.

“New reports already help Hypersoft ASP clients to consolidate cloud processing data into one single operational context, the new concept of contexts visualization makes it possible to analyze cloud data processing and metrics production real-time via customizable context layouts that provide a general overview in a handy form and allows drilling down to the very detailed facts”- said Pavel Spizhuk Market Development Coordinator. "Hypersoft clients track portfolios consisting of many hundreds of thousands of users with a single mouse-click”.

Available for remote viewing on-line, the new metrics enable quick targeted verification analysis of cloud operations side-by-side; with high-level radar KPI environment and drill-down possibilities, or via historical analytics of aggregated statistics that focus on every transaction and which can be tied to client’s organizational structure. Additionally, businesses get real-time data on processing requirements, status of client accounts, numbers of actual registered users and, what’s more important, cloud processing and scheduling completeness - offering a clear insight into business nature of cloud services and pinpointing statistics of interest to stakeholders.

Hypersoft’s decade-long expertise in business analysis and its passion for offering only the best tools and technologies to corporate officers and decision makers make it a world leader in cloud business metering as well as operational and organizational intelligence.

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