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Cloud-Based Analytics for Materials Transportation and Storage in Construction

Munich, November 27, 2015

The data integration capabilities of Omnicontext™ have been successfully put to work in a new Hypersoft project to increase transportation and storage efficiency for a major services company supplying sand and other materials to numerous construction sites across the United States.

The customer has three different data sources for tracking delivery and storage of materials, as well as the load and location of more than 200 trucks used for transportation. The use of Omnicontext™ Analytics made possible end-to-end integration of delivery, transportation, and storage data. The customer is now able to exactly determine duration of storage and processing for every individual charge of materials, which was only available for the total quantity of the same material in the past. The result is improved transparency and exact billing to the customer’s many clients.

Hypersoft also included predictive modelling capability into this implementation of Omnicontext™ Analytics. It allows for detailed planning of the schedules and resources, such as trucks and their drivers, to efficiently handle complex transportation scenarios.

“We are very enthusiastic about this new application of Omnicontext™ Analytics. It proves that our technology is capable of producing unique insight into sophisticated industrial processes based on multiple real-time sources of structured and non-structured data. We shall continue developing and deploying such applications.” – said Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski, the managing director of Hypersoft.

Hypersoft Information Systems is a Munich-based analytics company that develops state-of-the-art software technology and analysis methods to understand patterns of industrial and business operations, organizational change, and work culture in the enterprise environment. OmniContext™ Analytics are also available as a cloud service for individual users to identify and improve their business and private work and communication habits.

Munich, Germany, September 22, 2015

Personal Analytics already proved to be highly relevant for health and work productivity. Now another somewhat unexpected application emerges: immigration.

Every newcomer in some place, be it a little village or a big city, becomes a part of the regional community. At least this is what local authorities always want, and it obviously makes sense.

Work habits, productivity, pattern of contacts with other people as well as caring and time spent with children are all important elements that make someone a functioning member of a community. Psychologists looked for efficient ways to make people aware of their own habits so they could adapt them to the new environment. Hypersoft Analytics give to people enormously helpful mechanism for self-control and self-improvement.

Health psychologists from Bremen University in Germany have been researching the cultural differences between immigrants and local people, which affect all aspects of their lives, from health to professional success. They discovered that new immigrants often do not recognize key elements of the everyday behaviour, conflicting with local norms and leading to stress and feeling of alienation.

“The first milestone of every therapy and especially health therapy, is patient’s ability to recognize and regard the symptoms that influence his wellbeing. They are present in his behaviour, but very often get unnoticed or denied, before their physiological importance become accepted.” – says Agnes Neethling, research specialist from Bremen University.

And this is where personal analytics becomes an extremely useful technology.

An app on a smartphone (such as OmniContext Personal Analytics) makes own lifestyle, work habits, or social attitudes easily visible to its user. From there on, it is in the power of that person to change those habits if they want to adjust to the different and unfamiliar way of life in the new place.

Productivity analytics see growing interest from enterprise and private users

Munich, July 08, 2015

With the Gold certification in application development Hypersoft Information Systems recently confirmed the long-established cooperation with Microsoft. This new competency complements Hypersoft’s other technology capabilities such as mobility and collaboration.

“During the many years of our alliance Hypersoft developed comprehensive experience in delivering productivity analytics to our clients” – said Hypersoft managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski - “We highly value our partnership with Microsoft because we share similar goals and common vision on the future of workplace and technology for personal efficiency.”
Newest Omnicontext™  software integrates Personal Analytics for individual use and self-improvement with Organizational Intelligence for analysing culture, work habits, social structures, and productivity in the enterprise. OmniContext™  is closely linked with all core Microsoft business products such as Exchange Server, Skype for Business, and Sharepoint. It also works for users of the Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service. Omnicontext™  is available on all Microsoft platforms including Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Understanding and measuring individual performance and efficiency is the cornerstone of Omnicontext™  Analytics. “It is a very challenging idea to quantify how organizations and individuals can be more productive in their work and to better achieve their goals. Today Personal Analytics are a rapidly growing area of digital technology. We create for our clients a great new way to work and live smarter”, - concluded Dr. Dobrinevski.

Omnicontext™ helps to deal with competing priorities

Munich, May 29, 2015

Hypersoft introduced today the new Personal Analytics release suited to verify the individual ability to multitask and manage competing priorities.
The agile comparing of large spectrum of activities, movement and devices usage data are performed with unique algorithms and schemes based on Hypersoft experience of efficient parallel actions analysis. The speciality of the current release is the focus on individual establishing one’s priorities and gaining control over it. The supplementary integrated self-assessments allow to choose a personal approach and automatically demonstrate, as the individual score, how the daily life corresponds to expectations.

“We completely understand the public's concern about risks related to multitasking, - said Adam Chlobowski, Hypersoft Strategy & Insights, - but at the same time simultaneous activities are reality.” Hypersoft algorithm allows to compare the chances and risks individually. Latest Personal Analytics automatically notifies all multitasks – for each time frame and all types of the simultaneously activities they become visible at the daily “timeline”.

“My timeline is a highly valued assistant to eliminate wasted time and manage the activity slots.” – concluded Adam Chlobowski. “Without any doubt Personal Analytics are created for people who want to stay ahead of the time and innovations curve and implement strategic sustainability performance plans in their lives.”

Hypersoft is actively cooperating with coaches, executive management trainers and innovative companies integrating the analytics at the concepts of smart working, which become more and more popular. Individual and corporate users of Hypersoft Personal Analytics cloud already started directly benefit from this advanced functionality to achieve the goal to be efficient.

New Organizational Intelligence scenarios for professional self-improvement

Munich, March 4, 2015

Omnicontext™ Analytics has been known for its analysis of everyday activity for the enthusiasts of individual efficiency. Now Hypersoft’s enterprise customers can also leverage this capability to support their productivity initiatives. Starting from February 2015, the latest Personal Analytics software can be entirely integrated as a part of the Omnicontext™ Cloud Services.

“We work with innovative managers and business leaders, who see the productivity of their employees as a result of their own motivation and effort and not as yet another instruction imposed upon them -- said Hypersoft’s Managing Director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski announcing these new developments in Organizational Intelligence.
“Our client organizations invest in self-improvement of their members to increase their individual productivity and efficiency and this is a new way to work in the today’s knowledge economy.“

The new Enterprise Personal Analytics follow the fundamental trend to coordinate personal and professional development, where “work” is not contrary to “life” but is a valuable part of it. Being more efficient can be learned and it is actually fun when driven and controlled by ourselves. The latest Omnicontext™  release combines real-time activity analytics, goals setting and self-assessment. The brand new “My Productivity” context produces a comprehensive analysis of everyone’s daily productivity, including the detailed “Daily Timeline” with information automatically collected from multiple sources, such as calls, meetings, travel, interaction with colleagues and computer work.

Hypersoft has found that more than 80 % of all knowledge workers have wrong perception of how their own time has been spent and which work required their most serious effort. OmniContext for enterprise customers makes such analysis directly available to each person while assuring full confidentiality and protection of personal information from unauthorised access. At the same time, selected details may be shared by their owners with their colleagues for the purpose of getting feedback and advice.

Every company has some sort of an initiative to develop better and more efficient ways to work. With Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics for the enterprise Hypersoft makes such projects quantifiable and driven not just by the top management, but by every member of the organization.
Hypersoft is proud to reveal its newest addition to its Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics application, a tool for measuring daily productivity levels.

OmniContext™ shows daily productivity levels

Munich, January 27, 2015

Hypersoft is proud to reveal its newest addition to its OmniContext™ Personal Analytics application, a tool for measuring daily productivity levels.

This innovative feature allows users to monitor the efficiency and efficacy of their day-to-day work life. By collecting real-time data across a platform of varying applications, OmniContext™ is able to provide what percentage of the users’ time is spent in work compared to personal activities. Moreover, self-trackers using this program may discover patterns in long term productivity tracking. For example, the same data collected also produces detailed accounts of “My Work Habits” such as most productive working day of the week, and favorite shift or interval during the day. Through knowing when, why, and how we are productive, OmniContext™ allows us to better prioritize our work schedules and personal lives.

“The OmniContext™  new productivity measurement tool is really something quite unique in data collecting technology. It’s very interesting to see when and why I am more or less productive and then analyze the details to figure out how I could improve my performance.” –John Irvine, Technology Marketing and Growth Professional at Hypersoft.

OmniContext™ Personal Analytics is currently available for download for Windows and Android systems:

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