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Cannes, France November 9, 2006

Hypersoft is offering an array of new features for efficient management of business-valuable enterprise services with OmniAnalyser™ — its ultimate IT service management solution, recently introduced at Gartner Symposium ITXPO 2006, Cannes, France.
"Our main focus of effort was Web Service. We put an emphasis on delivering a greater number of comprehensive and consistent metrics for the service quality and volume because Web Service lies at the core of business operations in many contemporary organizations," said Serguei F. Dobrinevski, CEO of Hypersoft.

As a result Web Service of OmniAnalyser™ has been considerably extended, now featuring Dashboard which enables comprehension of the service quality and volume with just one glance at most critical Web Service indicators. Along with this, from now on Web Service will be supporting Apache servers — allegedly the most widely used web servers among small- and mid-sized organizations. Monitoring and reporting on Apaches is thought to bring in bigger possibilities for an enterprise to extend its coverage of Web Service both for itself and for external customers.
One more important capability that entered Web Service is WebDAV reporting based on WebDAV standard supported by the majority of most popular servers and dedicated to collaboration of multiple people.
The new OmniAnalyser™ allows managing Backup Service — a common IT infrastructure service — designed to streamline control over backup processes within an organization.

Network Service of OmniAnalyser™ now permits making topology maps for easier visualizing of ICMP connectivity and TCP/IP Port Probing — essential issues of Network Service provision.
Together with the Network Service improvements Hypersoft took a development effort that at once extends a number of services covered by OmniAnalyser™. "Now the software is able to support mail interchange by means of Windows 2003 native SMTP/POP3 mail services. All non-Messaging connected services — Asset, Active Directory, Collaboration, Replication, etc — will benefit from it as there will be no need to install Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or third-party SMTP/POP3 products to get business-relevant reporting," said Dmitry Khabarov, Hypersoft Project Manager.

OmniAnalyser™ introduced at Gartner Symposium ITXPO signifies Hypersoft's on-going positioning as a provider of service-oriented solutions to enterprises with versatile IT structure, but feeling inclined towards a more structured management of IT through services.

"Thinking of a richer, more manageable and reliable IT, we are staying dedicated to service-oriented approach and delivering more service management capabilities," said Serguei F. Dobrinevski. "We see businesses modernizing their IT in favor of service-oriented practices, so our priority will be working with them hand-in-hand and helping to move on with the positive changes," added he.

Munich, Germany October 13, 2006

Hypersoft has announced immediate availability of extended reporting on the IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging and Web conferencing solution. The additional functionality comes as part of the Collaboration Service feature set included in Hypersoft OmniAnalyser software.

OmniAnalyser, one of the most comprehensive products on the IT service management market, is already being used by the world's largest and communication-intense businesses for managing collaboration aspects of their IT. With the impressive range of metrics and reporting available, it enables an unprecedented opportunity to manage applications that form the collaboration platform of a modern enterprise: Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Sametime and QuickPlace.

"In today's world it's often the ability to manage communication and collaboration between people that makes the difference between an effective enterprise and its less lucky competitor. So the increasing demand for features enabling management of collaborative solutions such as Sametime is natural," said Kirill Nenahov, Chief Sustained Engineer of Hypersoft.

The enhancements to Sametime reporting allow for much deeper understanding of the business usage of enterprise collaboration services. Now managers will be able to see which meetings are visited by employees of a certain department, who these employees are, and how much time they spend 'meeting' each other.

"This information helps enterprises optimize and improve their collaboration practices, finding far from perfect communication patterns and fixing them before the employees' work stops to be effective enough. It diminishes the parallel world of on-line communication that appears in an unmanaged environment, which everybody seems to know, but few seem to control in a business-relevant manner," said Kirill Nenahov.

Munich, Germany September 12, 2006

Hypersoft Information Systems, a worldwide leading vendor of metric and analysis software for IT service management, announced today at the itSMF USA Conference & Expo 2007 further improvements in its innovative metrics products to raise the efficiency of collaborative businesses processes. Now Hypersoft’s state-of-the-art OmniAnalyser™ software provides enterprises with the most comprehensive and business-relevant delivery metrics for vital collaboration services.

The rapidly growing area of enterprise collaboration leverages such applications as Sametime, Quickplace, Sharepoint, Office Communication Server, and many others. These services are used more and more by the modern enterprise. Hypersoft’s product OmniAnalyser™ produces the critically important delivery metrics that allow measuring the actual use of this technology for business purposes. Hypersoft’s metrics are the most comprehensive in the market and help to identify and to analyse communication patterns, virtual communities and social networks in the enterprise.

Hypersoft’s innovative technology ensures quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness for the company’s collaboration services. The end-to-end service delivery metrics represent meaningful performance indicators for business users as well as for service providers. With OmniAnalyser™ reports, the enterprise will receive complete answers to the most pressing questions concerning frequency of usage of collaboration applications, resources’ consumption and correspondence of the users’ activity to the scope of the functions that have been assigned to them.

Munich, Germany August 10, 2006

Hypersoft, the leading producer of IT service management software, is making available extended Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) monitoring and reporting for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino.
The extended functionality for BES's monitoring is a step forward made in accordance with Hypersoft plans to develop a more sophisticated support for wireless messaging.
The driving force beyond the company's efforts is the increasing popularity of BlackBerry handhelds and, consequently, BlackBerry servers. With the latest innovations in mobile communications like the ability to watch TV news and sports using BlackBerries, the devices are likely to bring a new wave of customers and a new wave of BES administrators.
Previously, Hypersoft — being a recognized expert in email servers monitoring — invested a great deal of its development efforts in creating BlackBerry reporting features as part of its OmniAnalyser™ solution.
Now, in addition to the rich BlackBerry functionality of OmniAnalyser™, Hypersoft offers the following new features to IT experts administrating Blackberry Enterprise Servers:
• BlackBerry delivery time analysis (against Service Level Agreement targets)
• real-time reports on BlackBerry queues
• alerting when the number of BlackBerry messages in a queue exceeds a threshold
"Today, when more and more businesses are integrating BlackBerry handhelds into their e-mail systems, extended support for Blackberry Enterprise Servers seems to be a necessity," said Yuri Ivanov, Product Manager of Hypersoft. "We expect that with the extended support of BlackBerry reporting OmniAnalyser™ will remain to be the cutting-edge technology for organizations delivering IT services," he added.

Boston, MA June 11, 2006

Hypersoft is presenting the latest version of OmniAnalyser™, the software which is used by some of the world’s largest organizations for: Service Management, Regulatory Compliance, IT & Corporate Governance, Service Level Agreements, Billing & Charge back data and to streamline IT and Business Operations.

“Our innovative products are developed using different Microsoft development tools and technologies. For example: Visual Studio 2005, the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, Visual C++ 2005, C#, Visual SourceSafe and the Office 2003 Editions. Hypersoft’s products are deployed to our customers by leveraging different Microsoft platforms and products, such as: Exchange Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, Windows SharePoint Services, Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 R2 and Office Live Communications Server 2005,” says Yuri Ivanov, Product Manager of Hypersoft. “OmniAnalyser™ is the only platform which delivers a homogeneous view of IT services across all of Microsoft’s applications. Instead of delivering a separate piece of software for each monitored application, Hypersoft integrates all the data into one perspective and one database.”

You are welcome to visit Hypersoft at booth 954 at Microsoft TechEd 2006.

San Francisco, CA May 15, 2006

Hypersoft Information Systems the leading provider of complete metrics for the analysis of business and IT service management announced today the availability of the update of the latest version of OmniAnalyser™

Hypersoft demonstrates state-of-the-art approaches to collecting and publishing metrics in typical enterprise environments, as well as in typical managed service scenarios.
OmniAnalyser™ is used by the world’s largest organizations for: Regulatory Compliance, IT and Corporate Governance, Service Level Agreement management, Billing and Charge back, and to streamline IT and Business Operations.

“OmniAnalyser™ 9.0.1 builds upon the strength of our 9.x platform by expanding the depth and breadth of the services which we natively support. IT service providers will find significant improvements in our support of directory and perimeter services as well as more flexible web application reporting,” says Serguei F. Dobrinevski, Director and CEO of Hypersoft.

Solution Provider Session:
Complete Metrics and Analysis for IT Service Management
12:00 PM-1:00 PM Wednesday, May 17, 2006, Room 3020 (Moscone West, San Francisco)
ITxpo booth 428  

Orlando, FL January 23, 2006

The technologies of OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ pioneered application-oriented approach to managing of IT and IT-based business services. Now they allow administrating business function of IT services and deliver metrics of cost, performance, business input or output — without limitations related to scalability, organizational complexity, security or product compatibility.
OmniAnalyser™ 9.0 supplies many out-of-the-box reports for the unified solution. It was essentially extended in all of the sections that provide monitoring of service quality as perceived by user: messaging, network, web services, active directory, collaboration and other services. Analysis of replication, perimeter and messaging services was further developed to support twelve more products and major data sources. The corresponding reporting now includes, for example, control of undesired content and user behavior, analysis of replication quality by direct content comparisons and of resource usage for respective types of user activity. IBM Lotus Domino is supported for all services where applicable.
Hypersoft solutions deliver both deeply customized parameters and highly integrated indicators for critical checks, for example, like those in the new real-time topology view. This topology view allows multi-level real-time control of all enterprise IT services in one window.
Custom metrics and flexible analysis are provided with OmniContext™ 2.0. This version is first time presented at Lotusphere. In addition to technology-independent monitoring and analysis, OmniContext™ 2.0 delivers extra value as billing solution and middleware. Being powerful software for distributed heterogeneous environments, it enables collecting corporate data for measuring in-house services, applications or business processes. It allows applying custom logic to receive business-specific indicators and integrating them with other data, e.g. for billing or resource allocation.
Having designed universal data collection and analysis software OmniContext™, the company advanced to providing unique umbrella solutions for management of any IT and business services. Transaction-based data integration and business-oriented interpretation techniques enabled Hypersoft products to develop across the border between technology and business knowledge. Hypersoft presents a solution that delivers highly critical business indicators and still preserves accuracy of original data.

Hypersoft Information Systems, Lotusphere 2006, pedestal 231

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