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Hypersoft releases a new metering technology revolutionizing clouds assessment of keeping data secure and within direct reach

Munich, Germany December 07, 2010

In light of the recent coverage in relation to cloud privacy issues raised in global media channels Hypersoft has premeditatedly decided to unveil its unique state-of-the-art technology for assessing security and compliance of public and hybrid clouds, and how well they guard the corporate secrets of clients.

New reports, whether you are a cloud provider, franchiser or business customer, offer an invaluable insight into either your owned/rented cloud managed utility, infrastructure or service. These reports provide statistics on who uses these services, when they are being used and where these connections are taking place within your servicing environment. These functions provide an accurate evaluation for chances of perimeter breach based on historical and real-time data and provide critical metrics for strategic clouds positioning, outsourcing and delegating permissions and business content to various parts of servicing landscape.

Just within a few mouse clicks any business professional now has full strategy relevant power to examine clouds compliance to corporate policies, national, regional or international legislation and standards adopted for making sure data is kept consistent and well maintained. Therefore preserving and strengthening corporate model of permissions management. These services are available for a considerable amount of servicing deployments such as web-based applications, unified collaboration platforms in the cloud, hosted corporate directories and virtual data centers. Hypersoft reporting concentrates on the security, privacy and availability aspects of cloud ecosystems and instantly pinpoints weak spots in need of investigation and unleveled elements of cloud operation.

All recent reporting is directly connected to service definition framework, scheduling automata and report distribution channeling alongside with alerting domain, providing extensive statistics on clouds worth for examination by administrators from both provider and consumer sides, service managers and top officers concerned with the status of data impenetrability. The transactional nature inherent within guarantees statistical purity while aggregated processing links business logic to raw KPI data producing reports that are easily comprehendible and that can be further enhanced into graphical dashboards or logical topology mappings that are grouped by different business units and historic visualizations, considerably expediting analysis process.

Being aware of public demand for secure, private and trustworthy usage of the existing cloud services and offerings from top industry players Hypersoft has spent a considerable amount of time and resources to develop and polish its data gathering technology into its full maturity. Its core elements keep themselves separate from the rest of cloud infrastructure to guarantee cloud integrity while gathering data from the outside. This key advantage for metering cloud ecosystems distinguishes Hypersoft as being the industry leader in IT service measurements and linking statistics to business goals.

Hypersoft introduces Business Analytics, a powerful new tool for managers and executives to evaluate all communications within any large enterprise or business landscape. This cutting edge technology is used to understand important roles and gain an overall understanding of performance capabilities of any group or individual within a network

Cannes, France November 06, 2010

The wealth of information based upon who is in contact with whom and to what degree has, until now, been a resource that has gone untapped. Early adopters of Business Analytics have recognized the invaluable insights that can facilitate a business to drive radical changes in research, innovation, job placement, maximizing communication, marketing and much more.

By analyzing the numerous computer, voice, video and audio communications the user is provided an all-encompassing view of individuals and communities and the relations that they have with each other. This complete look into all collaborations can be delivered by viewing the information in its entirety, by delivery device, group, country, office, individual or any other method as defined by the user.

The information gathered is delivered in a way that any nontechnical person can understand. Practical dashboards and topography overviews show pertinent information that can easily be presented to any decision making entity or entities without the clutter of unnecessary technical jargon.

In addition to these abilities Business Analytics enables users to manually create communities. The multiple possibilities of this application include but are not limited to; simulating new offices, placing new hires in scenarios before hiring, comparing multiple offices during a merger and, in general, making more qualified decisions.

A KeyWords feature is also in place to facilitate understanding of what groups and individuals are talking about. Pinpoint hotspots of activities in relation to a new product by looking at who is utilizing similar words and having like discussions. Specific words can be delivered in reports relative to the entire organization, defined group and all the way down to a specific player. The structure of a business is an ever-changing entity of many parts. Formal roles and titles often remain the same even though the player takes on a different identity. As new operations take place, acquisitions form, offices move, and workforces combine or separate with Business Analytics there is always an intrinsic understanding of the vital processes that enables this structure to function.

These important insights allow central points of management to gain knowledge, define structure, and decide actions. The deliverables given by Business Analytics will prove to be a must-have tool to forward-thinking companies and decision makers.

The new real-time communication reporting on user experience opens up extensive opportunities for ensuring that corporate collaboration remains business driven and strategy-focused

Munich, Germany October 13, 2010

The success of real-time communication service reporting has led Hypersoft to move into monitoring Office Communication Server quality of user experience. This new monitoring functionality now concentrates on providing the user with an overall picture on the communication media quality across business units and forming the base for proactive OCS management and strengthening of corporate collaboration.

In addition to the wealth of existing quality of service reporting for Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 R2 platform such as synthetic transactional monitoring from different global locations or errors percentage reporting, MOS user experience metering now offers a view on how well voice communication is perceived by the end-users through focusing on four main metrics – listening, sending, network and conversation quality. New sets of reports, both dealing with high level aggregated metrics representation of user experience as well as offering direct links to detailed reports with more precise and verbose statistics offer insightful information in regards to VoIP implementation and support across distributed corporate ecosystems.

Decision makers and IT professionals now have the ability to monitor and compare how communication is perceived by users, how well data travels over the network, and how the infrastructure as a whole remains consistent.

As of today companies can proactively deal with possible LAN congestion problems slowing down levels of corporate collaboration and knowledge exchange, perform company-wide IT resources audit to establish poor performing device drivers and devices or make sure each and every device driver is kept updated.

In addition, new user experience reporting is fully compliant and unified with OmniAnalyser™ Service Definition Framework, allowing complete integration of KPIs and service levels with maintained service portfolios for both external and internal customers.

Hypersoft cloud and enterprise service metering offers deep insight into quality and usage of global IT services

Louisville, KY, USA September 18, 2010

Hypersoft invites corporate professionals to get the feel of the upcoming Business Analytics reporting specifically developed for managers and executives wishing to explore the quality of corporate collaboration, social media and business networks. Suitable for all kinds of business communities and operating models (vertical and horizontal, tightly or loosely connected) Hypersoft Business Analytics technology automatically recognizes and maps corporate communities and their members, outlines correlated trends of information exchange, identifies functional roles of every member as well as provides insight into general and project-specific content exchange and collaboration patterns.

Hypersoft shares its decade-long IT service metering experience and know-how with industry professionals who need to produce delivery metrics relevant to business strategies and operational processes of corporate customers. Hypersoft has successfully merged its metering expertise of global IT services with latest innovative technology to enhance and improve its award-winning OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ software packages.

Managed service providers have a chance to experience real-life cloud services metrics at work, informing their customers on business-critical KPIs in real-time and in a simple to comprehend graphical manner.

Hypersoft has recently released a new version of its products to assure the service delivery metrics possesse even better integrity, scalability and business relevance thus being applicable to enterprise customers as well as to managed service providers – in each and every case delivered statistics can be fully audited and verified, making service delivery process both predictable and proactive.

The new release of the Omnicontext™ software will be presented at the booth 1914.

New web metering opportunities reveal key drivers for corporate growth ensuring long-term operational stability

Munich, Germany July 30, 2010

Following the rapid global shift to cloud-based service delivery business models and an ongoing migration to web-based application deployments, Hypersoft has now channeled its effort to the provision of reliable web service metrics for business users and their international clients. Holding a strong belief that service metrics should maintain a hundred percent accuracy rates, be completely comprehendible by ordinary people as well as being discrete, Hypersoft team of international professionals has produced a state-of-the-art technology for automatic remote assessment of distributed web applications.

The one key element of new web monitoring that strongly affects business performance and analysis providing strong positive impact to decision makers is complete transactional metering opportunities from start to finish. Operating just like real users, Hypersoft metrics is being gathered by mimicking common everyday actions linked with web applications usage. Specifically developed to suit different business scenarios such as online banking, health provisioning, shopping or travel services, it swiftly aligns itself to reflect customer primary needs pinpointing on the levels of real-world end-user experience and web application operating robustness.

From now on business professionals and service managers can implement and monitor their service ecosystems focusing on both common and business-critical transactions, enabling conducting proactive analysis of key parts of web portals and clouds. For instance, Hypersoft web metering can offer statistics on generally used services such as how long does it take to log on to CRM applications simultaneously offering a deep insight into complex business-specific transactions vital for the long-term survival (like checking new client records, products selection process and final check-out, tickets order confirmation or requesting service support). No matter how diverse the monitoring needs are the new web metrics is fully adaptable to any type of business transaction, completely retaining end-to-end principle and producing performance statistics in simple to comprehend graphical or topological mappings and high-level dashboards, enabling managers to make correct and justified strategic choices for next business steps.

Hypersoft is proud to be the leader of business service monitoring. Having been aiding global corporations and service providers with accurate and reliable IT service performance statistics for over a decade, it has gained a proven track record of IT metering excellence with strategic business alignment.

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ 2009 delivers the highest levels of corporate collaboration within global networking ecosystems

Munich, Germany June 11, 2010

Hypersoft has substantially enlarged its social network analysis instrumentation for deployment within the most technologically advanced and widely used corporate collaboration platforms. From this day onwards public and private cloud metering capabilities of OmniAnalyser™ reporting package offer corporate decision makers and other IT professionals a strategic framework for analysis of social corporate communication running across Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Lotus Domino environments with platform- and technology-agnostic accent.

Hypersoft social network analysis instrumentation provides an powerful background for corporate restructuring. As an example, OmniAnalyser™ 2009 reporting can identify and arrange corporate communities and their members based on the member type – not only corporate personnel can be seen acting as the driving force behind the closed curtains, but also offices, departments, companies, cities and even countries are checked through and processed informing about the actual collaborative correlation types, informational bottlenecks and key players amongst the organizational units.

Advanced filtering toolbox allows locating, plotting and arranging corporate communities in autonomous manner and within a few mouse clicks, producing a distinct picture on the quality and distribution of collaborative landscape within the organization, no matter how loosely or tightly coupled corporate communities are. Thresholds processing sifts through all corporate traffic, identifying communities and their members basing on relative and absolute traffic ratios and regardless of what sort of community there is within the corporate context; once processed - it will be spotted, analysed and presented to the decision maker in easily comprehendible topological view, displaying vital elements for collaboration improvement and optimization.

The new Social Network Analysis provided with OmniAnalyser™ metering package offers industry professionals an unbiased view on the company’s business roles and processes within the collaboration ecosystem, easily spotting key strategic activities such as who is the actual client account holder and which ones have most networking opportunities, who or what office is the biggest innovation contributor and what business units resolve customer support cases in the most timely manner. Apart from processing automation, filtering and plotting options, professionals now have access to a number of reports that deepen their understanding of corporate communities, and provide insight into community member’s closeness, betweenness and the levels of direct connections to other community members.

Growing world-wide need for the provision of reliable business-oriented cloud performance metric has compelled Hypersoft to develop a special technology for making sure clouds are well-connected, robust and are managed in the most optimal fashion

Munich, Germany May 11, 2010

A decade long history of providing business service management metrics for global service operators has given Hypersoft a powerful back-up and expertise to apply its know-how and state-of-the-art technology to newly emerging and existing cloud environments. Uniquely positioning itself as the only company that offers metering solutions which reflect on business processes execution from the customer’s view, Hypersoft now offers service analysis packages specifically developed to target and optimize cloud environments quality and assess their global performance in a distributed end-to-end manner.

Focusing on metrics gathering discreetness and full automation, Hypersoft’s OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ reporting packages non-intrusively collect cloud health data reliably delivering statistics to business professionals and corporate clients. Due to distant service probing capabilities any type of cloud can be measured and analysed irrespective of their type, size, the level of complexity and global dispersion – cloud service performance at Hypersoft Demo Metrics Portal, which is available for viewing in the real-time manner proves the merits of remote service analysis and its usefulness for strategic decision making process.

Hypersoft has now successfully applied and enhanced its transactional monitoring technology to global cloud ecosystems. Concentrating on business transaction as being the only true and reliable KPI for cloud service quality estimation and analysis Hypersoft has expanded its area of expertise to deliver companies and managed service providers operating with public, hybrid and private clouds an all-round picture of business processes that is user-centric, fully traceable and verifiable. Every type metrics mirroring on user interaction with cloud servicing environment, whether it is SaaS, PaaS or IaaS based retains levels of complete accuracy and full aggregation, meaning that all underlying cloud processes can be turned into meaningful business indicators used by customers and IT professionals.

Cloud operators now proactively manage service quality through modeling of actual user actions and monitoring cloud service responsiveness to daily service requests. Useful for a great variety of cloud operating scenarios, this sort of metering provides continuous picture of service quality, enabling spotting and correcting troubled areas of cloud ecosystem before clients have a chance of experiencing significant quality downgrade. As an additional metering example, Hypersoft metrics now collects cloud CPU usage statistics for different corporate clients, automatically aggregating usage data and transforming it for billing purposes, while simultaneously retaining full auditing accuracy.

Hypersoft Information Systems is the only provider of cloud services metrics which concentrates on strategic long-run management of complex cloud installations and their continuous improvement in regards to raising business challenges. Comprehensive service-focused statistics which is directly linked to business transaction and perception of service quality from end-user perspective in end-to-end manner provides a powerful analysis framework for corporate decision makers and other IT professionals to help stay focused on strategic business goals. Automated data gathering, processing and reports.

Hypersoft introduces business-oriented SharePoint reporting for extensive collaboration analysis and its successful integration with other IT services

Munich, Germany February 11, 2010

Seeking to achieve unprecedented upturn of levels of corporate collaboration in large diversified business landscapes, Hypersoft Information Systems has launched its new OmniAnalyser™ 2009 SharePoint reporting offering, available as both service and stand-alone monitoring package. Particularly useful for businesses and service providers, new SharePoint analysis framework aids service managers and other business professionals in maintaining and strengthening of corporate information exchange and access to global business knowledge.

Providing a clear dissected view on SharePoint sites usage by different organizational units such as offices, departments or single individuals, Hypersoft has maintained its notion of statistical accuracy and precision through transactional data collection, monitoring and processing in business-oriented manner.

From now on service managers have strengthened their ability of correctly identifying unused or seldom-used SharePoint resources in platform- and technology-agnostic manner allowing implementing drastic changes for infrastructure optimization and increase in the overall return on investment. Additionally, sites usage metrics collected by monitoring agents in an autonomous manner and passed to the central processing database through secure channels on global scale gives a thorough ground for service providers to offer unbiased and up-to-date SharePoint hosting services with reliable charging options advantageous for both the supplier and the client.

Hypersoft is aware that only proactive business orientation is the key for strategic long-term corporate success. Resource growth rate reports with intelligent filtering and scheduling instrumentation offers professionals with enough bias to quickly perform accurate trending and forecasting analysis so that the overall corporate adaptation to dynamic environment change would not be destabilized or shifted towards technical rather than business dimension. Furthermore, historical metrics on SharePoint security in addition to sites ownership status is useful for revision and control of corporate security policies as well as compliance with government regulations, best practices frameworks and other business scenarios.

Hypersoft Information Systems is world’s leading provider of IT services metrics solutions with over a decade history of researching, developing, implementing and running metering services for global key players. Its years long field expertise and know-how has since then helped service providers, corporations and government bodies to maintain and improve their service delivery scenarios, effectively reinforcing internal and external levels of collaboration, thus making it easier to focus on long-term objectives.

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