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Hypersoft ensures true end-to-end proactive monitoring for optimal service delivery by the companies all over the world

Barcelona, Spain November 12, 2007

Hypersoft Information Systems, a worldwide leading vendor of metric and analysis software for IT service management, presents at the IT Forum 2007 its innovative business service metering solutions OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ which allow to successfully plan and manage the service delivery processes.
Enterprises all over the world can now successfully improve their existing IT infrastructure productivity and management with the software tools from Hypersoft.

Hypersoft state-of-the-art software ensures quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness for a broad range of infrastructure and application services. The end-to-end service delivery metrics represent meaningful performance indicators for both business users and service providers. Hypersoft solutions now support Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Forefront Security, Sharepoint Services, and Office Communication Server 2007. Hypersoft software delivers the most comprehensive and business-relevant end-to-end service metrics, such as complete message transit times, perimeter transaction processing delays, instant messaging transaction latencies, for most common enterprise infrastructure services. In particular, that includes messaging and collaboration, directory, perimeter, and network services.

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ are the only solutions that deliver a homogeneous view of IT service quality and volume across multiple applications and technologies in the company’s IT infrastructure. The business-relevant metrics produced by Hypersoft help enterprises efficiently manage their service delivery and chargeback processes. With Hypersoft innovative software, business users, as well as IT staff are provided with a complete and transparent picture of all aspects of IT service delivery.

Hypersoft state-of-the-art software solutions provide global
enterprises with a new way to operate their information services

Cannes, France November 04, 2007

Hypersoft Information Systems, a world-wide leading vendor of metric and analysis software for IT service management, presents at Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2007 its latest versions of OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ software solutions that provide centralized and end-to-end management of IT enterprise services. Using the recently introduced Service Definition Framework, major
common enterprise IT resources such as web and network services, applications, collaboration, and perimeter can now be controlled at both business and operational levels with the service management solutions from Hypersoft, giving world-wide organizations a new perspective on IT as a business service.

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ software produces the most comprehensive and business-relevant delivery metrics for enterprise IT services based on metering all real-life user transactions across multiple systems and platforms. That ensures quality, auditability, and cost-effectiveness for a broad range of infrastructure and application services. The end-to-end service delivery metrics represent meaningful performance indicators for business users as well as for service providers. Hypersoft solutions are best suited for distributed companies, making possible quick adaptation to the constantly changing operational patterns.

The comprehensive collection of Hypersoft service metrics include such transaction latencies as availability, quality of service, as well as precisely measured transaction volumes for a wide range of standard services as well as for unique and in-house applications. With Hypersoft software, encompassing hundreds of business relevant key performance indicators, a global enterprise is fully equipped with the technology for keeping service delivery transparent and efficient.

Hypersoft Products Now Offer Extensive Support for Global Companies’ Worldwide Communication Networks and Knowledge Sharing, Ensuring the Delivery of Critical Business Services and Leading to Dramatic Time and Cost Savings

Charlotte, NC September 17, 2007

Hypersoft Information Systems, a worldwide leading vendor of metric and analysis software for IT service management, announced today at the itSMF USA Conference & Expo 2007 further improvements in its innovative metrics products to raise the efficiency of collaborative businesses processes. Now Hypersoft’s state-of-the-art OmniAnalyser™ software provides enterprises with the most comprehensive and business-relevant delivery metrics for vital collaboration services.

The rapidly growing area of enterprise collaboration leverages such applications as Sametime, Quickplace, Sharepoint, Office Communication Server, and many others. These services are used more and more by the modern enterprise. Hypersoft’s product OmniAnalyser™ produces the critically important delivery metrics that allow measuring the actual use of this technology for business purposes. Hypersoft’s metrics are the most comprehensive in the market and help to identify and to analyse communication patterns, virtual communities and social networks in the enterprise.

Hypersoft’s innovative technology ensures quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness for the company’s collaboration services. The end-to-end service delivery metrics represent meaningful performance indicators for business users as well as for service providers. With OmniAnalyser™ reports, the enterprise will receive complete answers to the most pressing questions concerning frequency of usage of collaboration applications, resources’ consumption and correspondence of the users’ activity to the scope of the functions that have been assigned to them.

New Business Metering Services Offering Enables Businesses to Assess Back-End and End-to-End IT Performance without Turning to Complex Installation Procedures and Maintenance

Munich, Germany August 08, 2007

Hypersoft – a leading provider of IT business metrics products announces the launch of business metering services offering. In response to customers’ demands, new business metering services are specifically developed to adapt to most challenging environments of the present day.

Agile deployment procedures and compliance with the Service-Oriented Architecture ensure reliable outcome delivery for vital IT services that can be used both by the end-user and service provider. Automated procedures for measuring real-world quality of the service delivered without implanting measuring agents into the internal IT structure provide a substantial bonus for specialized diversified service providers who want quick and hands-free quality assessments. Combined with web based real-time alerting functionality, business metering services present a worthy choice for those wanting to outsource their quality control maintenance.

Alternatively, business metering services offer only minimum add-ons to IT landscape to enable powerful back-end statistical measurements. Large differentiated messaging systems, directories, databases and IT security block posts are closely scrutinized to provide all aspects of performance statistics either quality, quantity or activity oriented.

The real value of this new offering is the fact that business users benefit from improved managerial performance. Corporate informational flows are the only true value generators and maintaining them within sight and notion of direction is the key for success.

Business metering services provide a set of essential intelligence tools for any executive to uphold and unfold strategic sections of the enterprise. Highly configurable services structure and experienced personnel can set up any required metering system for requested business process monitoring. Unique graphical dashboard presentation provides a real-world observation of key business events on one screen without low level oversaturation. And since presented information is transaction-based, only true statistics is shown, with no approximations or evaluations.

Based on Hypersoft top products OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™, the new business metering services offer helps enterprises of any size utilize features of those well known solutions without resorting to company-wide installation procedures, configuration and overall maintenance.

The implications are that long offered solutions can now be used as service by companies with fewer numbers of users or by enterprises that may want to employ only specific parts of Hypersoft’s innovative technology for their concrete needs.

Easy deployment with access to only those services that are necessary with no spending for hardware and maintenance signify this offer as one of the most prospecting for a wide variety of IT service consumers and providers.

Collaboration Service Metrics of Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ Allow to Effectively and Easily Manage the Applications that Form the Collaboration Platform of the Modern Enterprise

Munich, Germany June 06, 2007

Hypersoft Information Systems, the leader in business service management software, today announced the immediate availability of complete collaboration service metrics. Now Hypersoft state-of-the-art product OmniAnalyser™ provides enterprises around the world with the most comprehensive reports on collaboration services for efficiently managing the company’s communication processes and resources.

Hypersoft additional functionality offers a wide range of reports for the rapidly growing area of enterprise collaboration services. These are detailed reports for Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Communication Server, SharePoint, Sametime, and QuickPlace coming as part of the Collaboration Service feature set included in Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ software.

Hypersoft’s products provide clear understanding of user communication patterns and information-sharing. The reports help the enterprise with organization resources management such as, for example, optimal meetings scheduling, facilitating and managing social networking, and identifying communities in an enterprise. Providing detailed statistics of the user activity, Hypersoft’s key product OmniAnalyser™ presents a wide range of collaboration service metrics including the ones characterizing user experience and real transactions. The reports also help to identify what databases, servers, and other resources are used actively while others remain dormant.

“The importance of enterprise collaboration services is growing all over the world today. Collaboration is among the hottest topics that almost every company is talking about from one angle or another. With its innovative product OmniAnalyser™, Hypersoft offers the interactive collaboration service reports that are most needed by a modern enterprise in order to be able to lower cost and increase productivity and the efficiency of the IT infrastructure,” said Vlad Zhamoidzik, Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ development team leader.

With its complete Collaboration Service Metrics, Hypersoft has further broadened its functionality and added new and very important reports, thus turning OmniAnalyser™ into the industry’s most comprehensive metric solution for aligning day-to-day activities with the strategic imperatives of the enterprise.

The New Services Catalog of Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ Enables Efficient Mapping of Metrics to Service Level Agreements; The New Framework is presented at Gartner ITxpo in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA April 24, 2007

Hypersoft Information Systems announced a solution to make working with service contracts and Service Level Agreements easier and more convenient for enterprises around the world.

Hypersoft introduced the Services Catalog, a new added feature for Hypersoft’s key product OmniAnalyser™. Based on an improved service-oriented architecture of OmniAnalyser™, it allows for documenting critical information on the Service Level Agreements and automated generation of service metrics for successful aligning of IT with business.
The new Services Catalog allows for providing data on the services included into the Service Level Agreement in an understandable and effective manner through a simple interface, providing customers with the most comprehensive information on the contract, key performance indicators and the services rendered. It allows for configuring your own easy-to-understand dashboards in the form of temperatures and graphs based on the services you choose.
“One of the values the new Services Catalog provides is that in addition to the possibility to configure your own common services, working with the customer’s contract has been made substantially easier and more efficient“, said Vlad Zhamoidzik, Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ Web Reports development leader.
This new feature of OmniAnalyser™ also permits to include the entire original contract into the product’s data warehouse in order to automatically match metrics to different contract components, thus automating the process of assigning bonuses or penalties.
The overall importance of the Services Catalog can be described as it being an effective means of managing the Service Level Agreement for reducing costs and increasing company profitability and revenue. Hypersoft continues to deliver its state-of-the-art technology to support companies all over the world in improving IT efficiency and keeping the enterprise competitive edge.
Gartner ITxpos are for Hypersoft traditionally major world events to demonstrate new possibilities for service level management and IT service delivery processes.

The New Service Definitions Functionality of Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ Allows Configuring the Delivery Parameters of IT Services in a Simple and Easy Way for Efficient Mapping of Metrics to Service Level Agreements

Munich, Germany March 20, 2007

Hypersoft Information Systems, the leader in business service management software, today announced a solution to help enterprises around the world more effectively manage their Service Level Agreements for sustainable and controllable growth.
Hypersoft introduced the Service Definitions Framework, a new added feature for Hypersoft’s key product OmniAnalyser™. Based on an improved service-oriented architecture of the OmniAnalyser™, it gives an instant view of the service structure, delivery process, and the appropriate Service Level Agreement for a vast variety of services and resources.
The new Service Definitions Framework allows for configuring information services through an intuitive end-user interface, providing customers with comprehensive and easy-to-understand information about the description, business value, vendors, delivery details, and performance of the services. It allows for rationalizing the enterprise IT landscape, helping understand and analyse managed services in their business context.
“The advantage of the Service Definitions Framework is that it allows for configuring your own services and for including there the metrics and reports business users consider to be necessary. This substantially broadens the OmniAnalyser™ capabilities,” said Vlad Zhamoidzik, Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ Web Reports development leader.
This new innovative technology encapsulates detailed technical data in a business view, presenting the results in the form easily understood from a perspective of the end user. In this way, it allows for structuring and maintaining harmonised Service Level Agreements across different platforms and business units.
The overall importance of the Service Definitions Framework can be described as fast, accurate and effective way of implementing decision-making process specific to the customers’ needs. Service performance presentation across the entire IT infrastructure in combination with the ability to produce drill-down reports about single transactions and their history in the system characterize OmniAnalyser™ as one of a kind business solution for adapting to a dynamic environment of service management and resource planning.

Orlando, Florida, USA January 24, 2007

Building on the global success of its IT service management software, Hypersoft Information Systems announced immediate availability of OmniContext™ Service Metrics Portal — a solution that enables efficient, enterprise-wide implementation of metrics on IT services and IT-based business processes. Now the unmatched range of Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ service performance indicators can be directly incorporated in the customers’ business processes.
OmniContext™ Service Metrics Portal functionality allows for accessing individual selections of service metrics by users with different roles and responsibilities. The Portal recognizes a user after logon and unfolds the reports of the user's choice. Once there is a need to publish other business data, the Service Metrics Portal can be easily modified to regularly present a different selection of reports and analysis.
"It's noteworthy that the Portal can be, basically, fed any kind of business relevant documents, prepared by any enterprise application. The only condition is that the document can be accessed using HTTP," said Pavel Grigoriev, Hypersoft OmniContext™ Service Metrics Portal project leader.
Hypersoft is now delivering service metrics on the widest range of common and customer-specific information services. This includes in particular comprehensive support of IBM Lotus services, such as messaging, collaboration, and application services. With OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ customers can operate their Lotus Domino infrastructure and applications as a truly efficient business. Other platforms measured and analyzed by Hypersoft include perimeter services, all major enterprise messaging and collaboration applications, web services, data replication, and many others.

The introduction of OmniContext™ Service Metrics Portal adds Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ customers a competitive edge: its functionality ensures time efficient analyses of business-relevant IT metrics, appropriate distribution of corporate sensitive data, and designing valuable IT services that an enterprise may need in the future. Besides, its capabilities are not limited to using it with IT services provided internally, the solution has the potential to support delivery of quality services externally as well.

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