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Munich, November 24, 2003

Hypersoft Information Systems announces the availability of real-time monitoring of NT events with the new version of award-winning OmniAnalyser™.

Information on both Windows and user activities is a necessary foundation for system administration: it forms the estimation of how secure is the entire enterprise. Every administrator dreams to have alerts right in time of audited events, especially with right-away command execution. The opportunity to have it in real time, as implemented in OmniAnalyser™ Version 8.0, provides users with absolutely new quality of security.

Data on system errors and warnings, as well as application-generated information prompts user for better decisions on usage regulations and system optimisation. The earlier reports are available, the more effective become necessary actions. This is even more important in concern with security logging. Valid and invalid logon to the system, access to files and folders, changes to accounts and groups will be known immediately. Auditing can be set for an attempt by a particular user to read a certain file, for changes in security settings, for creating and deleting of specified objects. Information on these and other events will be displayed on the web server, thus administrator can check it any minute without searching through Event Viewer. Moreover, alert on events according to user’s definition can be delivered to appropriate location with a single line command.

Real-time monitoring of NT events complements now pre-existent history records and is indisputably helpful for increasing enterprise security. Having this powerful functionality along with a comprehensive solution for messaging analysis is a great advantage nowadays. The newest features of market leading OmniAnalyser™ Version 8.0 will be presented at Lotusphere Conference, January 26-30, 2004, Walt Disney World (Florida, USA). Join the presentation or visit the OmniAnalyser™ website for more information.

Aix-en-Provence, 3 November 2003

Hypersoft organises annual Partner Training at its new location in Aix-en-Provence, France on November 3-5 , 2003. It is dedicated to best practices in optimising usage and performance of diverse corporate messaging systems with award-winning OmniAnalyser™ software.

Hypersoft marketing and support expert staff will give sessions on the challenges of controlling the messaging systems, existing technologies and products on the market, the Hypersoft experience, capabilities and advantages of OmniAnalyser™ software, new intelligent features of forthcoming OmniAnalyser™8.0; best deployment and usage practices should become topics for intensive collaboration with the partners.

Hypersoft leverage its experience and consolidates partners’ efforts to strengthen world-leading positions of OmniAnalyser™, comprehensive solution for messaging systems analysis.

Munich, 20 October 2003

Hypersoft Informationssysteme GmbH announces new comparative and interpreting capabilities of its OmniAnalyser™, world-leading comprehensive solution for messaging analytics.

The new concepts, as introduced with OmniAnalyser™ version 8, are intended to dramatically reduce human efforts for data comparison and interpretation and thus, to make the whole mail system more transparent for effective usage and optimisation.

Newly appeared Smart Reports conduct sophisticated analysis of corporate messaging data and prompt for the fast and best decision-making. Based on data, extracted and calculated for a range of different particular reports and re-combined in accordance with certain specific issues, Smart Reports consolidate essential information and represent analysis results, replacing most of the work which IT staff members usually do accordingly to interpret the data. Smart graphs pinpoint the parts of the network where problems are accumulating, and adjust the SLA reporting to any service contract. A user can get straight information on, for instance, who are the major resources consumers or which are the most delayed mail servers. This smart approach has become possible due to Hypersoft’s expertise in analysis of the world’s most complicated messaging networks, applied to the reporting logics.

OmniAnalyser™ provides principally new quality of support with its new sophisticated Diagnostic Tool, derived from the vast experience of Hypersoft’s support staff. Identification and investigation of all emerging problems gets much easier than ever before thanks to availability of two diagnostic levels. Most of support cases can be solved already at the first level, where comprehensive information on the installation is collected in a separate text file: servers, agents, user rights settings, etc. This file checked by the user and studied at Hypersoft’s support, will save a huge amount of time and efforts to identify the problem. Should a deeper diagnostic level get necessary, the Diagnostic Tool can be set up according to the specific needs and supplies all the essential data for solving even the most difficult or hidden problems. With this automated identification and investigation possibilities, a customer becomes less dependent from support, and the entire quality of service provided gets more qualified, more purposeful and faster.

With new intelligent features provided by OmniAnalyser™, Hypersoft leverages its long experience in messaging networks analysis to ensure simultaneously maximum benefits and minimum human efforts. The most recent version of it is presented at the IT Forum, Copenhagen, 11-14 November 2003. For more information contact us

Munich, 12 June 2003

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser the winner of TECH ED Best of Show Award Windows & .NET Magazine Network, a Penton Media property, announced the winners of the Best of Show Awards for Tech Ed 2003 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas on June 4.

Awards were presented to Windows technology vendors in several categories. The field included more than 211 entries, and the judges evaluated products based on their strategic importance to the market, competitive advantage, and value to the customer.

“All of the products that were finalists for the Best of Show Awards were truly excellent”, said Michael Otey, senior technical editor. “It was difficult to make the final decisions”, said David Chernicoff, senior contributing editor for Windows & .NET Magazine.

The winner in the messaging category was Hypersoft’s OmniAnalyser™. David Chernicoff said, “This product offers a very comprehensive view of your entire email infrastructure and how messages progress through it. You can drill down on messages, find about message content, and see that information in either real-time or report-based views”.

OmniAnalyser™ provides companies with central web-reporting mechanisms, where data from multiple distributed sources over the global e-mail organization is analyzed, and wide ranges of comprehensive drill-down reports are offered to IT staff and business units.

OmniAnalyser™ reports on service levels, usage trends, e-mail costs and broad range of operational performance issues in companies that use MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Sendmail, iPlanet within homogeneous or mixed e-mail environments.

As messaging systems are a prime target for SLAs, with popular items being message delivery times, mailbox usage, and server capacity management, message delivery times in particular can be difficult to monitor across all the servers in bigger companies. OmniAnalyser™ provides an easy way to keep track of all details of the messaging system. Because all reports are web-based, their interface is very straightforward and they are easily accessible from everywhere within the organization just by using a standard web browser.

Hypersoft presents the most recent versions of its OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ Reporting Server software next at IT Forum in Copenhagen. For more information contact us

Munich, 2 May 2003 Hypersoft wins APEX AWARD FOR LOTUS

Penton Technology Media, a division of Penton Media, Inc., recently announced the finalists for the second annual e-Pro Magazine Apex Awards for Lotus. Now, all winners were named at The View ADMIN 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both Editor’s and Reader’s Choice awards were presented in seven categories.
“The Apex Awards recognize industry leaders who have made valuable contributions to their customers and the market,” said Wayne Madden, publisher of e-Pro Magazine.
The German-based Hypersoft Information Systems is pleased to be this year’s winner in the Editors’ Choice Messaging, Collaboration, and Commerce category. This fact proves once again the value of OmniAnalyser™ solution to today’s businesses that want to save costs and extract most value from their e-mail system by establishing a powerful and innovative tool for comprehensible messaging reporting and infrastructure analysis for the enterprise.

OmniAnalyser™ stays the only solution on the market today, which provides its comprehensible reporting capabilities across four platforms: Lotus Domino/Notes, Microsoft Exchange, iPlanet (Sun ONE Integration Server), and Sendmail, and can therefore serve the needs of almost any company putting value into its e-mail system.

Hypersoft presents the most recent versions of its OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ Reporting Server software at the IBM Symposium in Munich (May 19-23). For more information contact us .

Aix-en-Provence, France 5 April, 2003

Hypersoft S.A.S has opened its office in Aix-en-Provence, France. Its main activities will concentrate on closer work with Hypersoft customers in the Mediterranean region and further development of OmniContext™, a web-based business intelligence software product that provides analysis and reporting solution for corporate data repositories.

Munich, Germany 5 March, 2003

Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH announced a new universal and completely web-based business intelligence software product. OmniContext™ Reporting Server is an analysis and reporting solution for corporate data repositories. This includes relational databases, messaging stores and tracking logs for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers, file and web servers as well as non-tabular hierarchic data sources such as HTML or XML files.

The challenge of staying in control over constantly expanding information is greater than ever. More and more information becomes critical to the running business. Thus, the ability to identify and correlate these different information streams and to link this corporate information to the actual business processes is one of today’s most important competitive advantages. Therefore, OmniContext™ has been designed to ensure maximum scalability paired with the greatest possible variety of opportunities to deploy different and flexible scenarios.

Advanced possibilities to filter and group data are supported. Further, the software provides the ability to fully customize the evaluation logic behind individual reports by using mathematical, logical, or comparison operators as well as built-in database functions combined with an easy-to-use point-and-click interface.

With its distributed and web-based software architecture, OmniContext™ gains access to various information streams either directly or by using so-called agents to gather information even from remote servers across the enterprise. All information collected is processed at the central OmniContext™ Reporting Server, which operates, based on Microsoft’s SQL Server technology. Users can generate predefined and ad hoc queries, schedule the execution of reports and publish these to a number of different destinations such as e-mail recipients and web servers.

OmniContext™ allows for the analysis of the usage and relevance of data. This is achieved by analyzing how selected individuals or processes are accessing corporate data as well as how data is exchanged between groups or individuals in relation to tasks, objects, files, or projects. Including the information available from the corporate messaging system, the software gives completely new context and deep insight to the real constitution of the available corporate knowledge. It helps to identify individuals and their personal role and impact on different business processes.

The software’s unique security model separates data collection from the data analysis process. Therefore, only authorisation for analysis gains access to critical data, whereas the collection of data happens without any permission to directly operate on the OmniContext™ Reporting Server at all.

Corporate knowledge now becomes a tangible asset by merging comprehensible data analysis with business processes and workflow data.

For more information contact .

Munich, Germany 3 January, 2003

The German-based Hypersoft Information Systems GmbH – developer of messaging and communication analysis and reporting software – announces the full compatibility of its OmniAnalyser™ software with the new release of Lotus Domino™ R6. Thus, OmniAnalyser™ continues to be a significant milestone in the Hypersoft product line, encompassing wide functionality for professional analysis of corporate e-mail, visualization of mail and data traffic as well as monitoring of mail servers and other data repositories. The new software release will be presented live at the Lotusphere®, January 26. – 30, 2003.

Today, e-mail often becomes mission-critical to the entire business processes. Thus, a healthy and stable messaging system is the backbone of a company’s activities. Companies obviously need a powerful tool that non-intrusively analyzes the system performance and supplies data to the involved IT staff in a convenient user interface. OmniAnalyser™ is designed to address these needs and leverages new technologies to catch the changes on the rapidly advancing IT market.

OmniAnalyser™ provides all its information in Web reports, which can be viewed with standard Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. No additional client software is required. The software has a distributed architecture, which allows data collection from multiple servers and sites by using e-mail with practically no impact on the network load. This approach makes OmniAnalyser™ highly scalable for organizations with hundreds of servers and unreliable connections to some remote sites. The software allows for visualization of the entire corporate mail network to analyze traffic volumes and resource usage in order to identify server bottlenecks, SLA incompliance, and system configuration faults.

The results can be viewed with a large variety of visualization techniques. Among usual tabular and graphical representations, network relationship diagrams are derived for the visualization of communication routes, objects, and document links. The hierarchical presentation of all information allows one to easily get an overall view of the underlying communication infrastructure and their characteristics. Reports automatically can be published on a web server and send to predefined e-mail recipients.

OmniAnalyser™ is also available to customers as a service from Hypersoft. The software supports Lotus Domino™ R5 and R6, Microsoft Exchange 5.5 as well as Exchange 2002, iPlanet (Sun ONE Integration Server) and Sendmail servers. Extensive support and training are available from Hypersoft and its resellers around the world. For more information contact or visit our website at The software will be presented at the Lotusphere® 2003 in Orlando, Florida.

Hypersoft Information Systems, a worldwide leading vendor in metric and messaging analysis software for corporate communication systems and data repositories, has released a new version of its OmniAnalyser™ software for MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Sendmail and iPlanet. This includes the interoperability with the new OmniContext™ Reporting Server, an analysis module that enables IT managers as well as marketing and financial controlling specialists to monitor, visualize, and link traditional information assets and metrics along with non-traditional information metrics.

The key to organizing and understanding information assets is in the context where the information is from and what is related to it. But tracing origins, authors, and relationships for many kinds of information assets, today, is often based on interpersonal communication and collaboration. Of course, with today’s messaging platforms such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange it becomes easy to track comprehensive information by reading mail headers, server logs and other information assets. However, neither data is sent only via e-mail nor is it completely retrievable from log files, but gathered from multiple data sources. Thus, this data is partially collected in messaging stores or Domino databases, but also stored in relational databases and other repositories and, therefore, is not directly involved in the communication context.

Instead of developing complex algorithms to recognize patterns and dependencies in complex databases and data volumes, the new OmniContext™ Reporting Server automatically derives these patterns and dependencies from the actual business process and communication. To achieve this, the software gathers numeric data from relational databases, messaging stores, XML and HTML documents, file servers, and tables; it considers links and relationships for documents and objects, collects data about patterns, routes, and subjects of the enterprise communication and business processes. In this way, OmniContext™ can process both quantitative and qualitative information and discovers new business-relevant knowledge.

Communication patterns directly derived from the actual corporate e-mail traffic are extremely valuable. They help to identify personal roles and functions as well as true involvement into business processes. It maps even the complete corporate communication topology. All this information helps to identify key individuals and knowledge owners related to specific projects and their impact on the different business processes.

The results can be viewed in a standard web browser with a large variety of visualization techniques. Among usual tabular and graphical representations, network relationship diagrams are derived for the visualization of communication routes, objects, and document links. The hierarchical presentation of all information allows one to easily get an overall view of the underlying communication infrastructure and their characteristics. Reports automatically can be published on a web server and sent to predefined e-mail recipients.

The software is compatible with the latest versions of MS Windows, MS SQL Server, Lotus Domino and MS Exchange. Other platforms such as iPlanet and Sendmail are supported. OmniContext™ Reporting Server is also available as a professional ASP service from Hypersoft.

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