Complete Analytic Platform for Digital Productivity and Technology Operations

Omnicontext™ is designed to collect, integrate, and analyse a wide range of distributed data sources to create a comprehensive view and detailed understanding of events, activities, and structures in organizations of any size. Data collection, consolidation and reporting to the users is fully automated. It can also operate as middleware, processing data for use by other applications.

The OmniContext™ software produces numerous key indicators for productivity and operational performance.

Omnicontext™ helps organizations in using IT operational data for business purposes. It provides business users with critical information on adoption and usage of digital technologies in the workplace. It also delivers end-to-end analysis and performance metrics for computing services.

Omnicontext™ is a product for managers and for all members of organizations. The managers receive summaries and detailed data related to their projects and responsiblities. All persons in a business can see how the company and its services work for them. Everyone can view average productivity and performance metrics for the company or business unit, and compare them with own data in personal analytics.

Monitoring and Analysis with Omnicontext™ are:

Meaningful — the metrics go beyond raw technical data and represent the business-relevant activities, transactions, and projects. Many metrics produced by Omnicontext™ are measuring core business processes in addition to the IT services.

Complete — information will lead to efficiency only if it is complete and comprehensive. Omnicontext™ uses the largest range of data sources in the industry, and, in addition to that, adaptive functionality allows collecting data from non-standard or in-house data sources. Full transaction details are maintained even for the largest possible data volumes.

Auditable — Omnicontext™ allows verification of information origin and correctness of data processing for every level of analysis. Comprehensive analysis of business services allows moving on to their optimization. Depending on the task complexity, Hypersoft provides standard and custom methodology to optimize service delivery, consumption and resource allocation.

Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics

Omnicontext™ is available for individual users too.

Personal Analytics gathers activity and communication details to understand and improve work habits and lifestyle.

Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics can be installed on computers and mobile devices.

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