Universal and Transparent Data Consolidation

Omnicontext™ integrates data related to the same transaction from various system components.

A system element is analyzed in the context of its application and value for the business system. In this way it becomes possible to determine correlations between different processes, to resolve performance problems and to optimize resource allocation.
Flexibility and Scalability

Omnicontext™ works in multiplatform and increasingly complex environments; it resolves tasks it has never “seen” before (new and undefined business processes, new software types and configurations).

Its distributed architecture allows reaching and analyzing the data on the actual systems even when it is impossible to access them physically (for instance, when they are operated by a service provider).

Analytical capacity allows executing monitoring, analysis and billing for many of millions of transactions per day.

Central Point of Management

Corporate data becomes integrated in one database, which is easier to use and to protect. Basic raw data, which would be inaccessible without universal data collection by OmniAgents, is consolidated in one location.

This enables centralized and uniform company policies and provides a single decision making point for all levels of company administration. Managers of all levels can use this information through an individual web access and report interface.