Managing Quality of Service

Omnicontext™ documents quality objectives and measures the actual performance of enterprise information services.

The raw operational data are transformed into meaningful indicators of service quality delivered to users.

Omnicontext™ provides universal automated log analysis, monitoring and service quality metering. It can be fully integrated in operation and service management in an enterprise.

All metrics reflect the organizational structure of the company, such as business units or service hours.

On-Demand Scenarios

Getting right parameters of service quality, costs and performance is of paramount importance for managing on-demand services.

Omnicontext™ provides reliable and comprehensive metrics and analysis for resource planning, billing, and provisioning in on-demand environments.

Business Service Management

Omnicontext™ functions include integration with major service management and ticketing systems. Support incidents are automatically created and closed as the status of the monitored services changes.

Omnicontext™ identifies unused or insufficiently used resources and thus makes service operation and delivery efficient. Omnicontext™ is also able to work with in-house proprietary applications.


With its high data collection and processing capacity, Omnicontext™ can scale to operations of any size.

It works with large data volumes and the most complex processing logic.

Omnicontext™ can work as a middleware for other enterprise applications. It includes powerful modules for parsing text logs, XML files, and web services.

Distributed implementations can collects data in text format, transform them into the SQL database format, and use for business reports and calculations.

The output is available in a web browser, mobile apps, or can be automatically distributed per email.