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OmniContext™ formalizes quality targets and measures the actual performance of enterprise information services.
The raw operational data is transformed into meaningful indicators that correspond to the business logic. These metrics represent the service quality as seen from the user perspective.
OmniContext™ provides universal automated transaction analysis, monitoring and service quality metering. It can be fully integrated in operation and delivery procedures of today’s enterprise customers.
Hypersoft OmniAgents monitor and meter distributed business processes to enable data reintegration into a single picture at the enterprise level.
At the same time, data structures, operation procedures and resulting metrics reflect the organizational structure of the company, such as business units or service hours. Specific data about resource allocation, service quality and consumption enables focusing on efficient projects and policies, and maintaining compliance with the contractual service levels.

Getting right parameters of service quality, costs and performance is of paramount importance for formalizing on-demand service models.
OmniContext™ provides comprehensive IT metrics as well as elementary and integrated service analysis for resource planning, billing, and provisioning in on-demand environments. By measuring usage, performance, resource allocation, consumption patterns and related parameters of an IT service OmniContext™ defines the role of that service in business processes and provides the operational basis for on-demand deployment.
Modifying those deployments or even the services themselves is possible while still maintaining a consistent history within the same database. An essential benefit of OmniContext™ analysis methodology is the possibility to report about systems that are not directly accessible across a network. Flexible deployment modes allow for using OmniContext™ for shared as well as dedicated service providers and individual clients.

OmniContext™ functions include the collection and publishing of quality and consumption data for a large selection of enterprise IT and IT-based business services. A unique feature of OmniContext™ functionality is the ability to work with individual synthetic transactions across different platforms. This enables meaningful metrics, which correspond to the business value of the analyzed applications.
OmniContext™ monitors and analyzes service distribution, costs, end-to-end transaction performance and ultimate service efficiency. In addition to that, OmniContext™ identifies unused or insufficiently used resources and helps build models of efficient service operation and delivery. OmniContext™ is also able to work with self-developed in-house applications.
Having the highest possible data collection and processing capacity, OmniContext™ can accomplish a variety of productive tasks that involve these operations such as billing, data transformation, definition of custom indicators etc.
The value of OmniContext™ is the ability to work with large data volumes, and to accomplish the most complex operation sets for distributed data sources, in particular SQL databases.
Another advantage is its capacity of applying user-specified logic to data processing.For example, multiple customers need to be charged for outsourced IT services, whereas billing information is in the text logs generated on the provider’s servers.
The distributed solution of OmniContext™ collects data on original transactions in text format, transforms it into the SQL database format, calculates chargeback in accordance with the customers’ unique tariff provisions and transfers the resulting information to authorized users via e-mail or a standard web interface.
OmniContext™ users receive auditable billing, save on labor costs due to automation of complex data collection, transformation and processing, reduce amount of miscommunication in the short-term and streamline their service contracts in the long term.