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OmniContext™ Personal Analytics provides you with the means to make life more efficient.
OmniContext™ Personal Analytics is an innovative, professional tool which ensures that your daily activities are aligned with your goals. Through providing you with an overview over your actions, it lets you know whether or not your goals are being achieved, personally as well as in a business setting. While being simple to use and not requiring constant handling from your side, it provides you with detailed insights into your productivity. 
OmniContext™ Personal Analytics is available for download:

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Your life is data.
Numbers do not lie. They can help you understand your habits, discover unknown trends, analyze them, and optimize your life. By using OmniContext™ Personal Analytics, you can minimize self-discrepancies: you can decide which tasks matter most and check how your daily activities contribute to them. OmniContext™ Personal Analytics allows you to monitor productivity, interactions with others, or the use of web resources. Available for the computer as well as Windows and Android phones, it automatically and discreetly collects and analyzes real-time data. Reports highlight various Key Performance Indicators in the form of radars, thereby letting you know how efficiently you are moving towards your goals and how close you are to achieving them.
An effective tool to optimize private and business life.
Whether you would like to increase efficiency at work or in your private life, OmniContext™ Personal Analytics offers the tools to do so. Whenever you, as an individual, want to understand, analyze, and adapt your personal efficiency or your productivity outside of a larger organizational context (e.g. as a freelancer, salesperson, or independent consultant), it provides you with the means to do so.
At  the same time, if you want to evaluate performance on a broader scale across a corporation and its members, you can rely on OmniContext™ Organizational Intelligence which offers you tools that are tailored to your company’s needs. They give you an insight into productivity in general, on an individual level, as well as with regard to designated tasks or goals.
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