Omnicontext™ is a new generation of monitoring and reporting platform for technology services. It delivers robust measurement of availability, end-user experience, quality of service and usage for the complete stack of digital workplace applications.

The software is easy to deploy, scales from the smallest to the largest organizations, and includes a comprehensive selection of out-of-the box metrics.

Our technology makes full enterprise-grade monitoring and reporting available with a much lower deployment effort and at a fraction of the cost of legacy monitoring products.

Supported Services:

  • Real-Time Communication and Telephony
  • Email and Collaboration
  • Enterprise Business Applications
  • Operation Systems and Computer Hardware
  • Cloud Applications and Resources

  • When we show an outage, this means a service really fails for your organization.
  • When we show good service, this means you can really use it as intended.
  • When we measure quality of service and usage of technology, the numbers make sense and everybody can understand them.

Very few products are capable of these seemingly simple things.

Here is a live feed from our own operations portal: