Metering and Managing Business-Relevant Services

The metrics delivered by Omnicontext™ produce business and technical view of IT operations and service delivery in an enterprise. Our software integrates measurements across multiple platforms and systems. All analytics and monitoring are equally available for on-premise installations and for cloud services such as Microsoft 365.

Web Service

The availability of e-business applications, which are embedded in many core business processes, to the actual end users, is critically important. Omnicontext™ proactively monitors end-user access from each business location to any number of web services on the intranet or on the Internet. In case of unavailability or poor performance, the collected metrics will be used for real-time alerts and are accumulated in the history database to produce quality of service reports for business.

Omnicontext™ can measure most of the industry standard web servers such as Microsoft IIS, Apache, and many others.

Instant Messaging and Collaboration Services

The rapidly growing area of enterprise collaboration services includes such applications as Sametime, Quickplace, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, or cloud services such as Microsoft 365. Omnicontext™ provides clear understanding of user communication patterns and service quality. With its reports, the enterprise will receive complete answers to the most pressing questions concerning the usage of collaboration applications, resources consumption and correspondence between the users activity and their role in organizations. These reports will also help to identify what databases or servers are actively used for better capacity planning.

Perimeter Service

Perimeter Services include content filtering, message routing, intrusion detection, and other services operated between the Internet and internal networks. OmniAnalyser™ offers multiple standard performance templates and indicators for the perimeter. Such metrics allow for proactive and statistical identification of risks that are associated with cross-border data delivery as well as analysis and evaluation. The metrics also facilitate control over dangerous activities of individual users and control over the performance of the perimeter systems.

Messaging Service

Omnicontext™ will provide you with a complete set of metrics on all types of electronic messaging services. Some of the most important key performance indicators include message delivery times, availability of the services to end-users, consumption of storage and bandwidth, and access to mobile and web e-mail. Enterprise-wide dashboards will visualize data on major resources and infrastructure, customized for various business units and user roles. To add more, OmniAnalyser™ offers real-time control of usage, load statistics for every resource area, as well as, trending of individual user’s activity, server’s load and storage size.

Supported products: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, various SMTP messaging platforms, Microsoft 365, Google Apps for Work and more.

Active Directory Service

OmniAnalyser™ delivers to an enterprise complete metrics on all aspects of Active Directory services and the Network services which Active Directory relies on. It will offer you complete end-to-end analysis of the AD service, either system based or from the perspective of the end user. With OmniAnalyser’s™ reports, you will get object level based analysis of Active Directory replication, which will provide visibility into whether indeed Active Directory is completely synchronized.

Network and Platform Services

A networking services infrastructure supports the required network applications. Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ monitors network, system, and application level health and failures and will provide you with a full set of tools available for the detection of such problems. Thanks to a logical interface, you will have complete control over the items that you wish to monitor.

OmniAnalyser™ network monitoring will also provide you with the reports on TCP/IP ports, which will help to determine whether applications on networked hosts are able to create connections via appropriate ports and whether they can communicate well-enough to support business operations.

Backup and Replication Services

In today's fast-moving, global business environment Replication Services are deployed to ensure information availability at any place. OmniAnalyser™ will provide the enterprise with detailed statistics on replicas and replication between servers, which will help to understand whether the information is accurate and current. Using this information the company will avoid excessive consumption of storage and save bandwidth costs. OmniAnalyser™ will provide object by object, database by database analysis and reporting to verify that replication quality is 100%.

OmniAnalyser™ Backup Service will provide you with the data on quality of backups and will allow to safeguard the enterprise against unexpected failures. Using Backup Service, you will also get important information on backup files’ sizes and time spent to produce them.

Configuration Management

Monitoring and managing hardware and software assets are critical aspects of IT operations. OmniAnalyser™ will offer you metrics and reports on hardware, Windows, Linux, and other platform services, versions of the installed software products, and other configuration elements.