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Hypersoft offers help in establishing, formalizing and launching of service delivery process for great variety of IT services, both common and customized. Our experience of working with large organizations managing internal service levels and nation-wide service providers running portfolios for hundreds of thousands of clients has helped us to develop and successfully test our own vision of initial service design and subsequent implementation of metering technology that is fully aligned to business objectives.
We offer full service development, from the establishment of the initial definitions to launch of the monitoring phase, irrespective of the metering scale or portfolio complexity.

With Hypersoft, you get globalized service definitions based on your service needs specifically developed to be flexible enough at the local level and easily understood by clients, service managers and auditing authorities. Fully packaged services portfolios that we develop are coming ready for launch allowing you to start the delivery process right away. Highly sophisticated autonomous monitoring agents operating by schedule and on-demand collect all business metrics irrespective of the delivery platforms. Once sent, the central integration server that integrates metrics based on business rules and filtering effectively turns all data into platform-agnostic analytical performance framework. Automatic publishing mechanisms distribute regular reports by mail or web, allowing you to start the delivery process right away, leaving more time to focus on business strategy.
One key feature that distinguishes Hypersoft from the rest of market players is that we possess technology capable of integrating new or soon to be developed services at a small fraction of cost of the existing ones. Our know-how already includes a great variety of common sets services used by businesses globally, so the overall process of designing and adapting a new type of service to the existing servicing ecosystem is only a small matter time.
Apart from service design and implementation Hypersoft offers analysis and assessment services that help you to make strategic decisions based on you current service delivery operations. We offers expert advise on how to optimize on licensing costs, lower service response times to business-critical transactions as well as how to redesign existing servicing architecture to be more forward-looking and user friendly.