Suitable for Monitoring Flexible Organizational Units

OmniAnalyser™ can be deployed within organization of any size and diversity, monitoring both internal business processes and service levels as well as external client accounts.

Enterprise-Wide Scalability

In today’s highly dynamic world, growth of an enterprise results in considerable expansion of IT services, bringing a more complex infrastructure to manage, more transactions to process, and more users to satisfy.

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ and Omnicontext™ do not have any limitations in scaling up to extremely large numbers of transactions per server and large number of analysed servers and systems, giving the software true enterprise-class scalability.


Security policies differ from enterprise to enterprise. The solutions Hypersoft offers can be deployed without changing enterprise security regulations.

Hypersoft OmniAnalyser™ is unique in its ability to operate in distributed environments with complex organizations of user rights. The information can be collected from locations, which are not directly connected with each other, thus creating an enterprise-wide service delivery data warehouse.

Flexible Deployment

Unlike traditional systems management software, OmniAnalyser™ and Omnicontext™ can be deployed quickly and non-intrusively. This is achieved by leveraging the state-of-the art architecture based on powerful data integration modules and independently deployed data collection components.

Flexible deployment scenarios permit service metering and analysis even when actual systems are not directly available, e.g. when using an ASP or an outsourced managed service.

OmniAnalyser™ agents can be installed either directly on the monitored systems or remotely for agentless data collection.

Service Level Management

Hypersoft’s OmniAnalyser™ offers complete integration of its metrics measurements and reporting with its service definitions tool, permitting effective commitment performance monitoring. Services are automatically monitored real-time for compliance with user-defined levels allowing a company to make vital changes to adapt to any incidents or trends from inconsistencies arising. Powerful, easy to use configuration and graphical presentation save on time and human resource use for an effective supervision of key performance indicators.

Cross-Platform Integration

Data gathering takes place from many widely used platforms combining differential results into central integration server so they can easily be accessed from the SQL database. Agent-based technology provides rapid and efficient data gathering across the whole IT landscape. The data integration is accomplished at the transaction level, so no matter how diversified IT environment is, an end-to-end picture of overall processes is at hand.

Graphical Presentation

Results produced by OmniAnalyser™ may be shown as graphs, so any study of the vital areas of IT environment is simplified. Time-based diagrams, topology maps and dashboards summarize all heterogeneous data at users will from all relevant sources giving meaningful activities picture.


Hypersoft offers a wide range of support to help customers utilize abilities of OmniAnalyser™ to a full extent. By providing training and consulting, even the most complex infrastructures can be monitored and studied to ensure the overall IT environment will stay within manageable boundaries.