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Hypersoft has been conducting business analysis and assessments since its inception, ranging from specific projects with mid-size companies to a multitude of services across global enterprises. This experience has helped us gain invaluable insight into ways how progress and success of organizational transformation can be reliably measured.
Hypersoft provides analysis services to companies and public organizations that want to validate how their change and re-structuring projects succeed without resorting to expensive and time-consuming interview techniques. Our team of dedicated professionals offers wide range of analytical activities suitable to even the most challenging of business tasks.

With Hypersoft, you get to know how your next grand vision about making new information technology available to everybody in your organization actually materializes. Most of such projects are quite expensive, both in terms of money and in terms of human effort to make them happen. Our project assessment service shows what changes take place once those technologies are deployed and if these are the changes that were originally promised.
Our analysis extends to your entire organization, while delivering insight on specific business units, informal communities, and even external business relationships.
We offer a completely different look at how people are interacting with each other within and outside the organization, and how these patterns change as your technology platforms evolve. Not only this shows the true impact of change induced by information technology, but it also provides you with tangible knowledge for making decisions on organizational transformation.
Comparing the deliverables of multiple providers and impact of multiple technologies is an efficient way to identify the true performance factors and to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary work patterns.
By being the experts in analyzing very large amounts of data derived from multiple sources, Hypersoft can recognize and make transparent such processes, communities, or structures, which only become visible on the full enterprise scale and would never be even noticed when using traditional analysis techniques.